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The Topic: Why is it that one thing that schools do best is to teach most students is that they are *not* good learners. Question: "What was your school experience like?" Most common response: "Oh, I wasn't one of the smart ones." Even those students who take the honors and AP classes don't usually feel like they became good learners at school--they just were good at the game and getting ahead.

Why Come? This group is half therapy and half exploration. We'll start each meeting with short introductions and the sharing of personal stories, then start or continue discussions on:

• How do we overcome the wounds from schooling? Are they inevitable?

• How do we help those that we love navigate school systems to actually become competent and confident learners?

• What should we expect from schools, and how do we encourage students, parents, teachers, and administrators to hack the system to actually accomplish learning?

Who Should Join: anyone struggling to understand the long-term effects school has had on their career, personal life, and self-esteem; those passionate about helping others become self-directed learners; those with an interest in the history and role of compulsory learning through the lens of power and control.

What Is Expected of Members: no commitments other than to contribute to the conversations.

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