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I run EFT Tapping groups in Leeds, for all those who wish to heal themselves, find support, learn this skill as a self help tool, meet like minded people, and let go of limiting beliefs, fears, anxieties, phobias, and anything that holds you back from your happiness! Read more about EFT on my website at www.kirstymarieelliott.com

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Inner Child Healing Workshop

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Have you met your inner child lately? There is an inner child living within all of us. A child, who needs to feel safe, loved and special. A child who deserves to feel heard, seen and listened to. If you find yourself feeling lonely, anxious, craving (food, love, alcohol etc), self sabotaging, low on self-esteem and confidence, or feeling lost, stuck, without purpose or in any way not good enough - it may be time for you to re-connect with your inner child self. In this safe and nurturing 2.5 hour workshop, I will be guiding you on a special journey into reclaiming, healing, loving and discovering your inner child. Some of us are holding limiting beliefs about ourselves or the world around us, that were created in childhood. By holding on to these beliefs (subconsciously) we can find ourselves being held back, having inner struggles. Struggling to ask for what we want, struggling to believe we deserve the good things. Struggling to be kind to ourselves and move forward. Through wonderfully powerful techniques, such as hypnotic journeying, letter writing, emotional freedom technique, and child like creativity- you will learn how to connect with and love and honour this very special and precious part of yourself, within this workshop and beyond. My name is Kirsty Elliott, I am a Clincial Hypnotherapist and EFT Practitioner based in Leeds. I specialise in helping people overcome issues with anxiety and self esteem. After struggling with these feelings myself, for a long time and trying many different ways of healing, I went on my own inner journey and finally reunited with the lost parts of me. It has been life changing. And now I am passionate, committed and experienced in guiding those who are ready, into a place of personal power, calm and confidence, healing past hurts, and moving forward positively for a happy and fulfilling quality of life. One to one sessions are available for booking, to those who need the extra support after the workshop. Read my blogs and more information on myself, the techniques I use, and helpful videos, tips and resources here .....www.kirstymarieelliott.com Please email me or text me if you have any further questions about this workshop before booking at [masked]/[masked] I look forward to meeting you all (and your inner child ofcourse!)

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