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Saluton / Hello everyone ! 6an Junio 2020 :)
Just to bring everyone up to speed. All known Esperanto meeting are now held only using Zoom, Skype etc…

For meetings/course etc:
https://eventaservo.org/ - Meetings held internationally – you are spoilt for choice! (But don’t forget to change the time zone (click: Ŝanĝi horzonon) on the web-page)
https://esperanto.org.uk/calendar/ - Not many events currently but great for when things get back to normal.

Currently other UK Esperanto groups using meeting.com, are Skipton, Nottingham, Reading and London.

Feel free to message me or add a comment and I’ll get straight back you. You can also find me on Facebook also: Matio Esperante.


Hi, Come try out esperanto and make some friends at the same time. Are you looking for a new hobby or curious about whether you are even capable of learning another language? This is the perfect language to learn first, even before you embark on a mission to learn another language. Personally I had tried learning German, Spanish and French before, but I always ran out of steam in the end, but with esperanto I'm still going and still determined and progressing !! .... During meetings we also play cards, games, try to improve and are open to any more good ideas.

Some people ask me: Why learn it when nobody else speaks it? I might start asking them in return: "but why not learn it or something at least?" Firstly, there are 1-2 million active speakers worldwide and once you know how to get going, esperantists will talk back with you and help you learn for free - yes it is a very supportive community. And to me, there is no advantage in me learning German or Spanish anyway, as I don't know anyone who speaks those language, those languages would be much harder to learn, plus to pay for a basic spanish course would cost about £300 last time I looked. So why not learn an easier language where you can actually hold a full conversion typically within 6 months for free? Esperanto gives you the structure, very similar words (a lot of the words are Latin or English based anyway) and gives you the challenges that you would face with learning any other language.

In a sense, learning esperanto is a lot like using open-source software because its free to buy, free support and has massive community. I recently learned that most of the largest companies in the world are actually using nothing but open-source, which is scary I suppose. Someone mentioned Google and Facebook - But I digress!! lol.

Have I sold it to you yet? Not bad to say that I work in IT Support.

We are totally supportive to beginners. In fact, we love helping to teach the language because to teach is sometimes like teaching yourself so everyone benefits. Please come along or drop me message if you'd like know more or need a step up in learning the language.


Matio :)

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Esperanta Kunveno ĉe Rodley, Leeds

Rodley Barge

Esperanta Kunveno ĉe Rodley, Leeds

Rodley Barge

Esperanta Kunveno ĉe Rodley, Leeds

Rodley Barge

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