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The JVM Thing 9.0

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The JVM Thing 9.0 – Wednesday 5th December

1st talk:

Ten Things To Do With GraalVM - Presented by Chris Seaton, Research Manager @ Oracle Labs -

Oracle Labs is working on a new native compiler for the Java Virtual Machine called Graal. Graal is 'one compiler to rule them all', meaning we use it for both just-in-time compilation, and ahead-of-time compilation, for Java, JavaScript, Ruby, R, Python, C and other languages.
You may have heard the term 'Graal' but you are probably not aware of how many incredible things it can do.

It can run your Java application faster, compile Java to standalone native executables that start instantly, compile Java libraries to native libraries, run languages like JavaScript, Ruby, R, Python, including polyglot programs written in more than one of these languages, it can run native languages like C and C++ on the JVM, it gives you tools like debuggers that work across languages, and much more.

Follow Chris on Twitter: @ChrisGSeaton

Plus a series of lightning talks to include:

Chris Wormald - 'Keeping Current with Legacy Systems'

Danny Kay, Software Engineer @ Sky Betting & Gaming - The Basics of Spring Cloud Stream

Richard McIntyre, Software Engineering Manager @ DAZN - 'Going serverless with the JVM'

Ben Foster, Senior Consultant @ Infinity Works - 'Talking to Alexa Serverless'

Location – First Floor, Aireside House, 24-26, Aire Street, LS1 4HT.

Free food & drinks!

Arrive – 6pm
Start – 6.30pm
Finish – 8.30pm
Drinks afterwards

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The JVM Thing is a tech networking group for the JVM language community, bringing together Software enthusiasts to show, tell, share knowledge and discuss key topics related to the JVM ecosystem.