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.NET Data Storage - What Are My Options in 2015?

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Alex Garland ( is talking this month about data storage.

For many years, the relational model was the default way to store application data, and SQL Server was the obvious tool to use when developing for Windows.

In the last decade, that’s started to change. NoSQL has gone from a theory, to a trend, to something that is being put to use in real projects within organisations a long way from the web-scale giants like Google and Amazon who started things off.

This presentation will help you understand the wider variety of options now available for data storage. There will be a bit of theory, but the main focus will be to look at the pros, cons and use cases for various data stores, plus some simple practical examples of how to store and retrieve data from C# applications.

I plan to look at the following technologies:

• PostgreSQL (object-relational and JSON features)

• Neo4j (graph database)

• MongoDB (document database)

• Riak (key-value store)

• Cassandra (column-store)

• Hadoop (quick overview of included tools – Distributed File System, MapReduce, other… )