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Social Afternoon Walk & Talk- Roundhay Park

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This is a females only group especially for those of us who don't thrive or enjoy the larger numbers in some groups. In a world where some ladies think the only way to be noticed is to be loud and to dominate the conversation - this group welcomes the rest of us! Come and be heard, valued, welcomed and enjoy the company of other like minded ladies. We don't have a set age range - we keep our meetup events open to anyone who values good company, conversation, fun, a variety of activities and listens and talks in equal measure :-)

Don't ever sit at home bored....check our calendar and come and join us. Make time to make new friends. YOU'LL BE GLAD YOU STEPPED OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE.... I PROMISE YOU.

Events are £1.00 payable on arrival.....this money is to cover the Meetup Fees paid by the Organiser.

Lastly, and with my stern voice on....PLEASE only rsvp when you can commit to attend. No shows are a constant frustration for the Organisers and when numbers drop from 15 to 4 overnight, it can be demoralising for those of us putting in the time and effort to make the group interesting, diverse and welcoming. Thank you in advance.


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Members are expected to be respectful towards others at all times, any behaviour physical or verbal thought to be inappropriate, abusive, threatening or offensive in any way will not be tolerated. Anyone carrying out such behaviour will be removed from the group.

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