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We all have a story! Biographies and Stories of your life are so rarely written these days but they are such an important way for us to communicate with the future generations of our family that we will never get to meet. I began helping seniors as they've been around the block and probably have the most unique and wonderful memories of us all. Until a friend of mine approached and said, "Hey, not fair! I'm not a senior but have a lot to tell and need to get this in writing!" She was right. I bring the Legacy Book, you bring your body, mind and desire to put your story on paper. I guide you from the beginning of the book until we finish. The workshop is approximately 4 weeks long, one night a week. We spend about 90 minutes reflecting, focusing and completing this one of a kind and unique journey. With my guidance and directions, you will be able to bring home a gift for your family that will be viewed by your grand children's great grandchildren! How I wish I even knew a tiny bit more about my own grandmother. There are so many details only we know, deep inside. Sharing our knowledge and wisdom with the world is a way for you to leave your thumbprint behind! Wow! How beautiful to be able to leave them a piece of history that they can connect with. What a love like that can do... Priceless! Hope to see you there. (I am securing 2 venues, one on the North shore and one on the South shore of Long Island, will update shortly)

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