What we're about

Forget FinTech, get a dose of LegalTech! If you don’t know anything about LegalTech? Come and find out! Be a Change Agent and join a group of lawyers and techies (or maybe you are both which makes you a rare breed) to share ideas on changing the legal profession. We will explore cool new technology trends in the market and dream up ways that technology can be used by lawyers. You may get an idea for a new start-up. Or at the very least, you will find out which technology can help you save a few hours of your life.

If you are a developer, this is a great chance to meet "subject-matter experts" and get a reality check on your awesome ideas and prototypes. Hong Kong has everything for start-up companies to succeed but LegalTech start-ups are few and far between. We are light years behind the rest of the world. Stop billing (or coding), get out, network, make friends, exchange information and ideas, start a company.

Students are also welcome!

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