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Tales of the Nentir Vale (D&D) (T1+Table DeVito)

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Two openings for female characters.
New to Experienced Players, Age 15+, welcome.
(Otherwise, 1 pop-in player can RSVP to next session.)

RSVP Yes today, joining the Wait List, if necessary, & post to introduce yourself.

If joining us, read & commit to the Player Requirements (


(Ignore the lettered circles as they are not relevant.)

The Wisps of Chaos are stirring across the Nentir Vale.

Two Bullywug guards were standing watch, until they spotted the adventurers. Then, they retreated into the Toadwallow Cavern. Subsequently, the party heard a lot of croaking and other noises.

Shortly after the party arrived inside the Toadwallow Cavern, there appeared nothing less than a Behir behind them. Perhaps the party now knows what happened to the lone adventurer who ventured too far alone. Why did he come here?

There is plenty for everyone to do.

Any character can sample the tasty mushrooms. Some are beneficial, while others are:

-makes your character fall asleep, or

At least if your character falls asleep, it is considered a short rest & hence you can heal up. Well, may be it is not a good idea for your character to lie around in waiting. Especially with a Stirge or two(+?) flying around.

Isn't it odd how Darius was affected differently by the mushrooms?

The party is in the midst of a serious & challenging battle.

Will the adventurers survive the multiple terrors & threats of this Cavern?

Players can plan & discuss tactics for the Toadwallow Cavern in the Players & DM Discussion (


The Tales of the Nentir Vale is an evolving Story ( What great deeds will be told of the players' characters?

This campaign takes place primarily in the Nentir Vale, and is based on Dungeons & Dragons Fourth Edition.

Players' characters progress by solving mysteries, puzzles, and more. Also, there will be various villains and monsters, some fierce, and some from which the characters flee.

See News (, Campaign (, History (, Recaps (, and Players & DM Discussion ( for more information.
Tales of the Nentir Vale Campaign's current player roster:

Player Name, Character Name, Race Class
Anthony, Darius, Male, Human Rogue
Jackie, Amarilith, Female, Half-Elf Cleric/Wizard
(open to new player), Enna, Female, Wood Elf Druid
Ken, Kanar Forgehammer, Male, Dwarf Fighter
Marc, TBD
Matt, TBD
Peter, Mirandis, Male, Moon Eladrin Ranger
Shannon, Tana, Female, Gnome Bard
T J, Hardock the Fierce, Male, Dragon-born Paladin


Post below for questions, answers, and comments about this session. For questions, answers, and comments regading the Campaign, Story, or general feedback, post at the Tales of the Nentir Vale - Players & DM Discussion (

Welcome to Marc Rosen who confirmed he will be joining us.

Hopefully, TJ will return this session.

If Shannon join us this session, she will role-play Tana.

Welcome to Matt who is new to D&D.