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Netrunner Night & League (T1)

Hosted by Legendary Realms Game Store Meetup

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League Entry Fee is $10.

Each game session will have a $3 Entry Fee that will be waived if you're part of league.

The first Netrunner Night will also be the initial League meet-up. Every 2 Weeks on Saturday will be a Netrunner Game Day.


• Up to 2 Corp/Run matches

• Up to 2 prestige points per round victory

• 2 prestige points per match victory

• 2 attendance points per recorded in-store match (win or lose). Attendance points count as prestige points.

On this day, there will be a Swiss-Format tournament. Each match earns 2 attendance points (towards the league), win or loss.

The winner of the Netrunner day will receive a $10 gift certificate. Participants can earn discounts by playing.