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Pathfinder: Council of Thieves (R1)

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The rebel group, The Children of Westcrown, have stopped the murderous Tiefling gang, the Bastards of Erebrus but that's just the first hurdle in reforming the city.

Part 2: The Six-Fold Trial

The city of Westcrown is dying.

Since being stripped of its station as the capital of Cheliax, the wealth and prestige of the city has gradually slipped away, leaving the desperate people to fend for themselves in a city beset by criminals, a corrupt nobility, and a shadowy curse. The citizens of Westcrown need champions to fight back against a corrupt government installed by the thrice-damned House Thrune, rigid upholders of the law, such as the Hellknight's Order of the the Rack, and the criminal world choking what is left of Westcrown.

To banish the monstrous shadows that stalk Westcrown by night, the PCs go undercover, undertaking a challenge that is as unconventional for their experience as it is dangerous. If they succeed, it could lead to a major turning point for the city but success will also require them to try something very different.

A week ago, the players met Ailyn Ghantavos, a member of the Pathfinder Society on a covert mission in Westcrown that is not sanctioned by the group. She has reason to believe that the shadowy creatures stalking the streets of Westcrown after dark are somehow connected to something hidden in Delvehaven, the old Pathfinder lodge that was locked and mystically sealed 30 years ago by the House of Thrune.

However, breaking into Delvehaven will require objects hidden in an other dimensional vault concealed somewhere in the mayor's mansion. Ailyn, Javinen and Arael believe the best way to infiltrate the mayor's mansion while ensuring plenty of time to search is to be invited to one of the mayor's notorious parties and the best way to do that is become actors!

The mayor loves theater and the current trend involves murder plays, the most notorious of which is "The Six Trials of Lazarod." This will be the first uncut production of the play since it was written decades ago. The director was seeking charismatic adventurers who could face the challenges of the play. Antoine, Wesley, Merisol and Gregori have been cast in key roles, joining professional actors performing roles that require less physicality. Tarvi, who is quickly learning the art of magic, was quickly hired to assist Millich backstage with props, costumes and illusions.

Various behind-the-scenes drama threatens to rival the drama on stage. As rehearsals progress, Robahl keeps glossing over the actual challenges insisting that "everything will be fine in the end" despite the play's lethal reputation.

When Merisol, Gregori, Antoine and Wesley returned to the hide out after rehearsal one night, they found Javinen and Arael talking to Carth, a human sorcerer Ailyn brought in, saying that he could help their cause. While he seems friendly, Carth's behavior seemed strange at times as if he was unfamiliar with even basic actions like how to shake hands correctly. Carth also showed them diary pages he found in a tower that talked of petitioning for celestial aid for Westcrown. Carth has no memory of time prior to awakening in the tower.

The actual performance went well, though the physical challenges were just as daunting as rumored. Fortunately, the high priest of Asmodeus that Robahl was paying for illusions and such did not need to resurrect anyone (Robahl's reasoning for "everything will be fine").

However, at the end of the performance, Wesley turned into Balthezar and tried to attack Theisling. Carth and the others were able to stun Balthezar and convince the audience that it was a twist at the end of the play. Robahl knows better but is going along with the story out of fear.

Wesley later confesses the Balthezar had been swaying him behind the scenes, using Wesley's hatred for Theisling and the actor's abuse as the spark. Merisol left Wesley confined in a safe house for the time being and they disguised Carth enough to take Wesley's place at the Mayor's party.

At the party, they learn that the mayor's mansion has hot water, lights and fireplaces powered by a pit fiend trapped in an extra-dimensional space -- only something is wrong because dangerous accidents are happening. They meet a variety of dignitaries including the general in charge of the ships based in Westcrown, and learn a variety of gossip. Eventually they find the attic, which holds the entrance to the Asmodean Knot.


The core players for this game are:

Brian C.

John B.




Peter Lee

Open slots go to them first. Depending upon the session, I *might* (maybe, perhaps) be able to work in a one-time player BUT you have to email me first to determine if there really is a slot (sometimes people are slow to RSVP) and so we can work out how to fit in your character. The players are working for a group of rebels that are very secretive so it would take some finesse plot-wise to explain a new member who only shows up once and sometimes they're in a location that makes it impossible for people to "pop in".

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