Thieves Guild: A Morally Ambiguous Adventure for D&D 5e!

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Every 2 weeks on Thursday

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The Thieves Guild, a Morally Ambiguous Adventure! for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Ed.

Weekly sessions starting Thursday June 7th at 7:00 PM, $5 entry fee.

The local Thieves Guild is looking to expand, hiring mercenaries of every stripe. If you've got the skills of an adventurer, but not the heart, then you're exactly who we're looking for!

Running alongside the "Master Minions- Evil campaign", the Thieves Guild is a weekly D&D 5E game that neither requires nor expects Heroism. Each week is a new high stakes, high rewards mission. You've got one shot to complete each job and scale the ranks of the Guild!

New and inexperienced players are welcome! Expect to get rich and level up quickly, or die trying.

Character Creation/ What to bring:
All characters start at level 3. All races/ Classes which appear in published Wotc materials are valid, except those with a flying speed at level 1. (no homebrew, no Unearthed Arcana.) You may build your character and choose your feats/spells from any number of books, including the Elemental Evil players companion PDF. Variant human is permitted.
Starting equipment and wealth as per the PHB. Roll your HP in the DMs presence or you may take the average.

The Guild will offer to loan you up to 100 gp in stolen merchandise, against the expected profits of your current mission. (Any items found in the equipment section of the PHB are valid choices. List items acquired this way on a separate piece of paper.) The better your standing with the guild, the better your rates and item selection become.

Steal from the Guild at your own risk.

Evil characters are welcome but not required. Lawful Good Characters will not be allowed in the front door. All characters must be of legal drinking age or older.
Paladins and Clerics who expect to join the Guild should worship Gods who tolerate, if not encourage: Theft, Murder, Kidnapping, Extortion, Deceit, Jaywalking etc.

Bring a completed paper character sheet (a backup character is also a good idea) and a functional copy of the PHB. Digital devices are permitted but not encouraged. Know your chosen Spells, Class & Racial features.

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