What we're about

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All the best in one place! Think of this as Summer Camp for Adults.

In our digital world the more online, plugged in and connected we become the more disconnected we become from others.

This group, with intention, uses social medial to be Social in Real Life.

The mission of this group is its name.

Los Angeles is vibrant and diverse city. We have the opportunity to explore it and make new friends while doing so. Meetup is one of the few (maybe only) websites dedicated to having it's participants get offline and do things in reality.

"There are no strangers here; Only friends you haven't yet met." (William Butler Yeats )


This is a place where everyone can just come as they are, and mingle with people who are like them AND who are NOT like them. We are not limited, restricted or exclusive by age, gender, gender preference, national origin, relationship status, etc.

To put it more simply this group is open to all. All ages, all genders, all sexual orientations, all types - And that includes you!!!

There are plenty of meetups that exclude based of one reason or another. Or there plenty meetups where people self segregate. This meetup is neither of those. Diversity is coveted here. People are not monochrome and neither are we. You will fit in perfectly and find a lot of folks who just like you in certain aspect, and differ from you in others. It's the good kind of variety of life.

Some events on this group may specify limits at times. Those will be clearly noted when needed. At times they may be age delineated, or even gender related. Limits are placed often as a means to control size. The event can then be repeated/recycled with a different limit range. If there is an event you really wish to go to with a limit, . . . please contact me. You can be the impetus and the catalyst for the next event in the different limit/range. Other times the limit can be waived or bent as needed. 
Challenge yourself and importantly, BE yourself and expand your horizons and comfort zone. Let your hair down! Go wild! Be open minded and be non-judgmental. The group is based off quality events to bring people together from positive social interaction. Anyone who wants to explore an alternative, bohemian, experimental, strange, obscure, weird, wild, absurd, bizarre, avant garde, unconventional, wild-at-heart side of Los Angeles is welcome!

In the interest of making events successful . . . I will spread events across other meetup groups to bump up attendance. For as you know, . . . sometimes people don't show up. Some Organizers get really bent out of shape if people have life get in the way and for whatever reason are a 'no-show".

We do however know that life happens. Even if it's 10 mins before the event. Just change your rsvp. No worries. No harm-no foul. There is not any sort strikes or penalty system, and there is nobody keeping score. The exception will be if it is listed as a "no flake" event. On those you gotta give good notice of changes. It's about fun and community. What I have found is that by being mellow and and having good events more show up. We tend to have 80% or more attendance. Approach with compassion. So if you don't make one event or another. . . try and make it to the next, or the one after that. When you do make it, .. . . we will be glad you are there and all are welcome.

Here are the basics of group rules.

  • Do NOT contact members who you have not met in real life.
  • Avoid Put Downs.
  • Speak For Yourself.
  • Listen To Others.
  • You Have The Option To Pass.
  • Expect Unfinished Business.

While there are flexible attendance rules. There are sex/gender related rules. As a guideline do not message people you have not met in person. This is not an online dating place. Ladies: If a guy messages you please contact me. There have been problems with that happening over meetup in general. It's just not cool. Meetup is about real life and not virtual. Guys, . . . get off your computer and come to an event. Say hello in person. Smile, . . . be personable and decent. And just be there to get to know people and make friends of whatever gender. You can always use new good friends. And this is one way to make/meet them. Wingman tactics and and Pickup artist tactics are similarly not allowed in this group. Organizers of another group that are not an organizer or host here are also not allowed to solicit members.

The rest of the rule are just good ways to live and be.

Photo and Name: You are allowed to join with whatever name and whatever photo. HOWEVER the main organizers may request you change either name or photo a their discretion. Names that are products, promotional, advertisements are red flags that will be requested to change or be removed.         If you are using a photo that is not your face, a current face photo may be requested. Here is the rule of thumb. Fake name and fake photo will be requested to change to a real photo and a real name or face removal. Real photo and fake name is usually fine. Fake photo and real name is usually fine. 
IF you need to maintain privacy of both then contact the main organizers and just ask. That's all it takes usually.

All organizers on the group do have different set of rules. 
The rules simplified. 
• No Emailing (do not use the bulk email feature in any way)
• No outside links 
• Great Copy 
• Great Pix
• 4 weeks notice is best. 
• List any money costs in the first 2 or 3 lines.

Not too many rules. Not too complicated. They all have to do with respect for the membership.

Let's talk a little more about age: Are you in your 20s 30s 40s 50s 60s 70s 80s 90s ? (btw some write 20's 30's 40's 50's 60's 70's 80's 90's ). I am often asked "What age range is this group?" 20 40 maybe? 30 50 perhaps? Or even 60 70. Forties ( forty's forty ), Fifties ( fifty's fifty ) of sixties ( sixty's sixty ) or older does matter. 24-39 3000 20+ 30+ 50+ 60+ & under or over. We are just aiming at good community. 
Yeah, . . . All that is great, . . . But I still have one question, . . . What age is your group? 
Age is a state of mind. And our state (this group) has no borders. 
If so then you may be looking for us! 
We do NOT discriminate by age, sex or gender, gender preference, origin, religion, belly button lint, etc . . . .
Do you enjoy friendship, activities, key networking, casual socializing, parties learning, sharing, inspiration? You do!?!?! How about personal and professional development with active nerd adult ( adults ) who like adventure ( adventurers, adventures, adventurous ) stuff that may involve silly dance game ( games ) and cool nerds with addicting, amazing fun? Great!!!! There will be sweet things to discover while engaging in retro revival underground unique geeky exploration of fringe play plus speed punk quirky sophisticated spectacular geek socials with high society making savvy friends. It will be an offbeat odyssey of an outing to nerdy paradise and we will party at random places (see locations below). Come and share fine no flake ( flakes ) fun that is free or inexpensive and goes late into the lovely night. Left, right or center, we will live life together and enjoy. 
We do some sports related events. Are you interested in teammates players for your sport or hobby? Such as bowling, trivia, camping, biking, hike, hikes, hiking, snowboarder, snowboarding, ski, skiing, kayaking? Or even related to bmi, exercise, fitness, healthy, lock pong, recreation, recreational, outdoor, york Halloween, mammoth mountain, St Patrick's, Ensenada, un scrabble solitaire poker or more!!! We run the range.  
A bigger majority of what we are cultural ( culture ), language, travel, music, arts, festival, performance, crave, dining, exotic, restaurant, food, foodie, architecture, art, artistic, urban, or ballet. But it does not stop there. We also do comedy, concert ( concerts ), cook, cooking, theater, theatre, culinary, cultural, tours, sub-culture, subculture sponge ( sponges ), performances, dances, dancing, museums, musical ( musicals ), bars, foodies, dinner, dinning, bbq, beach, restaurants, trips, cruise ( cruises ), cuisine.  And even with all that we still to even more!!! Including, flea n farmer (farmers) market ( markets ), boutique, burlesque, crafting, craft, create, creating, sushi, pho, pizza, tastings, tickets, kim chi, tai kimchi, deserts, eating, festivals, film, films, galleries, games, karaoke, movies, sutra kama karma.And now the important question. Did we miss one? Oh. . . OK then, . . Send that so we can add it to the list.  
Aside from the High Brow we do engage in the Low Brow such as wine, beer, drink, bar hopping, dive bars ( dives ), rave ( raver ravers raves raving ), hip-hop hiphop, hole holes-in-walls, crawl crawls, trance techno, dubstep, night nightclub, nightlife, nights. As well as classic club clubbing, clubs eclectic, edm electro electronica, pubs, pub speak, speakeasy, drinks, meet meeting mix mixer mixers mixing, greet, happy hour hours haunts, Did somebody say volunteer mingle? Let's DoLA or make a Timeout and TimeoutLA. LAist anyone? 
So the High Brow and the Low Brow get together and make up THE KNOW BROW and that is all about people and who makes us up.  
By ethnicity we very much match the instagram ethnic makeup of Los Angeles with Caucasian and Non Hispanic Whites, Latino, Black or African American, Native American,Asian, Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander and others such as Middle Eastern such as Arab or Israeli, and many more from across the global atlas.
Different than ethnicity is Nationality, or National Origin. And again . . . from that we run the range European, Filipino, Japanese, Korean, Pacific Islander, Indian, Taiwanese (Taiwan), Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese ( China, Cantonese, Mandarin ), Hong Kong Mexican ( Mexico ), and more and more. Even USC or UCLA 
And that makes for sooooooooo many languages. We like language and the culture it is able to unlock It brings English, Spanish second ESL and ELL and ASL are big here. Hebrew, Yiddish, German, French, And the gamut of others to translate ( translation translator ) with class (classes). 
Tolerance is a main tenet here as we are Christian ( Catholic, Mormon, etc), Jewish (Jew Jews), Muslim, Sikh, Hindu, Buddhist, tech Scientology and more. And even Republican, Conservative, Liberal, Democrat, Libertarian, Bernie / BernieCrat, or even Trump or Trumpian or Scientologist. This is a big tent and since it's decent social we will all be decent. 
What it comes down to is we are making new friends ( friend freind freinds ) and to be friendly. Almost like finding your entourage Made up of Men (man men's mens) and women ( woman women's ) and non-binary too. Members may be young or old, married, single ( divorce divorced separated and never married ) or coupled (couple as part of a committed relationship / relationships ). Many are likely singles and looking to date in one way or another. Going on dates or dating is fine. But it does NOT happen via using the group like Tinder, Match.com, POF or eharmony. 
This group is about real life. So online messaging of people you have not met in real life is not allowed. Why such a rule? 
Because it is heterosexist of you to assume that all people are interested in you. Like is says above there are married or those in committed relationships. There is is also the range of sexual preference in the group. Gay, lesbian girls lgbt lgbtq queer bi poly swing swinger swinging and any sort of variation such as transsexual and transgender. We do accept all. Even rs40 and rso40. We do NOT accept SpeedDating or Speedating or whatever you call it. It's forbidden. 
Whoever you find cute, hot, sexy or find attraction to that comes in person. Plenty a match and romance or spark may happen. You may find your love (or lover). But you also may just make great friends girlfriend ( girlfriends ). It's just down to good decent social. Conscious communication and engagement that makes for self-improvement and improvement of others. Conversation and network or networking of professionals. That's just smart l33t leet api entrepreneur groupting that will lead to inspirational international consciousness. 
We just added Game of Thrones GOT and The Walking Dead viewing parties. 
Where do you do events? We do them ALL OVER!!!! I have taken the time to look at past events and the cities they have happened in and near and put it together with the upcoming location too. Our groups IS different, . . . we DO range all over the city. Here are where we HAVE BEEN, and where we are GOING!! All of it is obscure or obscura.
So I have gone in great detail to cover who we are and what we do. This is accurate and verifiable by going to our past events and looking that what we have done. This is all fact based on the breadth, scope and mission of this group. 
If you have made it this far. Then watch this and then, . . .get off social media and on meetup. The social part of social media. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GEWnXmDfVZg
This group is also very Reddit and Redditor affiliated. As such redditors events will be doing activities that do involve meme memes dank redidit subeddit snu snoo lurker boardgames board gaming gamer video cardgames card cards against humanity computers anime internet upvote downvote vote secret santa harry potter wow world warcraft karma programming digg cheap low cost nsfw league legends wtf youtube hearthstone twitch csgo narwhals bacon bacons midnight overwatch lol bernie sanders front page reddiyt r/all homepage android apple iphone mac samsung s6 s7 s8 r mobile funny dota dota2 nba politics discussion pokemon aww askreddit app apps comicon comic con convention disneyland disney diy diablo rams dodgers raiders cosplay star trek wars trekkie scifi sci-fi science fiction gif troll thrones got comment comments ama til today i learned ask me anything steam pc independent yorker independents artemis jackbox jack box com firefly serenity citizen& something comedy urban nightlife foodies friendship sierra wine food drinks dining american ny karaoke  
And the other members will have events involving cuisine recreation organizations snowboarding recreational fitness pubs eating culinary consciousness psychology philosophy growth conversation snowboarder theatre theater performances movies films creating galleries museums speak easy speakeasy opening nights music film festivals dancing street performance literature hikes greet tastings tours crawls outdoor activities beer * " ! +  
left eclectic couple couples mel town mixing jason la professionals business lovers lover exercise referral hike boating boat hollywood adventurers ballet eow tips asian downtown dtla ladies lady socal oc orange county english esl korean strategy jewish yid yiddish jew hebrew catholic healthy california connect hot christian cute beach wednesday ivy south bay pasadena woodland hills men man male gay european realities parents americans newly inland empire southern thai japanese chinese vietnamese filipino service empowerment females female law badminton mountain biking cooking book zandra sub-culture holes-in-walls hidden haunts seminars art classes, 3,000 jan 2017 boutique twist organized welcome boxing line camping archery trivia architecture classes burlesque baseball beat flee kyaking chi early morning adventures skin walls deserts small venues farmers trips written spoken word soooo losangeles los angeles ucla usc cantonese westside west ass artistic arts citizen cook crafting dances dinning learning festival foodie girl jews mens organization snowboardingsocal tip wall hong kong 
LA is made up of MANY smaller cites. Those living ANY of those cities are of course welcome in the group. They include: ventura thousand oaks monica silverlake san fernando valley, studio city beverly marina del rey redondo long barbara l.a. east eastside gabriel valley ventrua angeles, palos verdes peninsula, gateway cities, harbor region north crescenta portions conejo antelope clarita central: mid-wilshire northeast acton adams-normandie forest agoura agua dulce alhambra alondra park altadena crest arcadia arleta arlington heights artesia athens atwater village avalon avocado azusa central baldwin hills/crenshaw bel-air bell bellflower gardens grove beverlywood boyle bradbury brentwood broadway-manchester burbank calabasas canoga carson carthay castaic canyons alameda century cerritos charter oak chatsworth reservoir chesterfield square cheviot chinatown citrus claremont commerce compton covina cudahy culver cypress aire desert view highlands diamond downey duarte eagle rock mirada northwest echo elizabeth lake el monte segundo sereno elysian encino exposition fairfax pomona florence florence-firestone gardena glassell glendale glendora gramercy granada green meadows griffith hacienda hancock hansen dam harvard hasley canyon hawaiian hawthorne hermosa highland historic south-central huntington hyde industry inglewood irwindale jefferson koreatown k-town cañada flintridge montrose ladera habra balboa hughes terrace lakewood lancaster puente larchmont verne lawndale leimert lennox leona lincoln littlerock lomita lopez/kagel feliz lynwood malibu manchester manhattan mar vista mayflower maywood mid-city mid wilshire monrovia montebello montecito monterey mount washington northridge palmdale whittier norwalk mountains pacific palisades pacoima palms estates panorama paramount pico rivera robertson union playa porter ranch quartz hill ramona rancho dominguez reseda ridge route rolling rosemead rowland dimas marino pasqual pedro fe springs sawtelle sepulveda basin shadow sherman madre signal silver southeast gate jose stevenson sunland sun sylmar tarzana temple toluca topanga torrance tujunga unincorporated catalina island susana universal university valinda glen val verde van nuys venice vermont knolls vermont-slauson verdugos vernon veterans administration park-windsor vincent walnut watts adams westchester westlake westmont whittier-los nietos westwood narrows willowbrook wilmington windsor winnetka

Upcoming events (4+)

Costa Rica Eco Adventure: Arenal Volcano, zip lining, snorkeling and more!

Los Angeles International Airport

¡¡¡ Pura Vida !!!

Come alone, leave with friends!

Join me in Costa Rica for 9 nights/10 days of exploration and tropical adventures. Best Meetup ever!!

Costa Rica is a playground for the adventurous and an eco-tourist's dream! It is an unspoiled tropical paradise.
Beautiful beaches.
Rainforest biodiversity.
Misty volcanoes.
Roaring rivers.
Lush jungles.
Exotic flora and fauna.

And we are going there to enjoy it, learn about it and make memories of a lifetime!

This event is a true Meetup. We are creating it from scratch, and brining like-minded people together on this adventure. Along the way making lifelong memories and friendships.

Together . . . let’s make a Meetup to remember!

  • Hike around the base of the Arenal Volcano
  • Selvatura Zip Line Canopy Tour
  • Guided visit to Finca Luna Nueva Farm
  • Caño Negro Refuge Tour/Visit
  • Rio Frio Wildlife Refuge Boat Tour
  • Hanging Bridges Walking Tour
  • Ecotermales Hot Springs
  • Monteverde Night Walk Tour
  • Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve Tour (daytime)
  • River Floating Tour
  • Tamarindo Beach
  • Sunset Sailing
  • Snorkeling Tour
  • And more!

For a detailed Day By Day itinerary Click Here to fill out our info request form

Land Tour cost $2195 per person, double occupancy (we match roommates for those traveling solo, and most of us are doing just that).
If you want your own room: Solo occupancy additional $690

The only way to secure your spot for this meetup is a $300 deposit that is refundable up to 90 days before departure.
Click here for secure deposit link
When you make a deposit be sure tp fill our our ATTNEDEES FORM.

As we mentioned, . . . the cost is $2195. This is for the "Land" portion. only. Airfare is not included. This gives you the flexibility to have a flight with timing that works best for you. Or to use point/miles.
I can also help arranging your airfare. To receive an offer, CLICK HERE and send me a message.

What is Included in this trip:

  • 9 Nights hotel accommodation
  • 9 breakfasts, 4 lunches, 2 dinners.
  • Meet & Greet at the airport.
  • Pick-up from airport to our hotel, and hotel to airport at the end of the trip
  • Transportation throughout the trip
  • Private naturalist English speaking tour guide
  • All entrance fees and tours mentioned in the itinerary day-by-day description
  • Daily water bottles for the group
  • Hotel and Added Value Tax

Does not include:
x International Airfare
x Meals other than specified
x Optional Tours
x All items of personal nature (telephone calls, Laundry, room service, etc.)
x Tipping for tour guides and drivers

Want more info?
Click Here to fill out our info request form
RSVP to the event with your email to receive additional info.
Send me a message

Whatever is easiest for you!

Still have questions?
We do a Q & A Zoom every two weeks or so.
CLICK HERE for our Q & A Zoom. RSVP on that event to get a reminder for the zoom.

Click here for the MAIN location of this event on Meetup RSVP there to post any discussion and to get notice of any comments and discussions. As well as any updates and reminders

We believe in good decent social.


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Greek Island Dreams and Ancient Lands w/ Athens, Mykonos, Santorini, Crete

Los Angeles International Airport

This hits all the highlights of Greece in all the best ways.

Athens - Mykonos - Santorini - Crete

Ferry from island to island, see all the amazing sites.

  • Explore the Acropolis in Athens
  • Mykonos island jeep safari
  • Sunsets in Oia, Santorini
  • Spend time on pristine Greek beaches.
  • Visit the ancient ruins of the Palace of Knosos in Crete.
  • And more!

Here is a thumbnail:
Day 1 - Athens
Day 2 - Athens to Mykonos
Day 3 - Mykonos -Jeep Tour
Day 4 - Mykonos / Delos
Day 5 - Mykonos to Santorini, Greece
Day 6 - Santorini, Greece
Day 7 - Santorini to Crete
Day 8 - Crete
Day 9 - Crete
Day 10 - Depart Crete

Cruising across the blue waters between these destinations. What could be more picturesque and tranquil?

Meetup only allows so many words in a post. To get the detailed Day-By-Day Itinerary OR to make a deposit . . . CLICK HERE and fill this out.

OR you can Message with your email address and will send you Detailed Daily Itinerary and deposit information. CLICK HERE to message your email address.

Cost $3390*
Deposit of $400 to secure your space.
CLICK HERE to pay deposit and fill attendees form


  • 9 Nights Accommodations
    1 Athens - 3 Mykonos - 2 Santorini - 3 Crete
  • Breakfast Daily - 2 Dinners
  • Ferries and shuttles
  • Guided Tours per itinerary
  • Admissions per itinerary
  • Dedicated English-Speaking Greek Tour Leader
  • Airport/Hotel Transfers on Tour Dates
  • All Taxes and Surcharges

*The price is per person is in a double (share) room.

We provide free roommate matching, so there is not a need to pay a "single supplement".

However, if you wish to room alone it is an additional $975

Not Included:

  • International Airfare
  • Gratuities

As stated . . . Airfare is not included . Flight costs vary by how you are flying, when are you buying the tickets, etc. If you need an airfare quote Message here and we will give you the best quote available at the time.

To get detailed day-by-day itinerary on this or any of our other overseas trips, Click Here to fill out our google info request form

This trip has limited capacity of 24 total. It will fill up extremely quickly.

We believe in good decent social. We have a set of sister group we post our local free, local/reginal camping, and our overseas events to.
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Live the adventure instead of only dreaming it!


Spain and Morocco with Running of the Bulls! Gaudi, Paella and exotic bazaars!

Overseas Event. You depart from LA with others

Dine at the oldest restaurant in the world, visit iconic museums such as Prado and Guggenheim, be amazed at Gaudi's architecture, taste pinxtos, sip good Spanish wine and view the Running of the Bulls from your own private balcony! To top this off...shop for spices and textile at the exotic soukhs of Morocco! And why not, visit a hammam (bath house) to fully enjoy the local culture and traditions?!

This is just a little taste of what awaits you on this awesome culinary and cultural adventure!

Spain is truly a magical and fascinating country - full of history, culture and oh...so much good food and fun time!!! Morocco's history is intertwined with Spain's, so it makes perfect sense to combine these two destinations and be amazed at the similarities and the differences.
We get to travel as locals, mostly by trains between the cities AND at the best time of year to be able to experience in person The Running Of The Bulls in Pamplona.

CLICK HERE to see the photos from our 2022 amazing adventure!

We visit:

  • Madrid
  • Bilbao
  • Barcelona
  • Marrakech
  • Casablanca

Guided tours in each city, breakfast daily and several lunches and dinners, museum entrances, tasting menus, Running of the Bulls w/balcony view, transportation throughout the trip and much more!

We travel as a group, and also have the flexibility of hop-on, hop-off tours and museum passes with "skip the line" so you enjoy a complete independence. You can take our organized tours or do your own thing, cater to your special interests, visit other sights and locations in the cities, while still being guided and aided with arrangements. You can do it independently, or you can join new friends traveling with you, and do it together. The idea is come alone, meet new like-minded people and make lifelong memories, without the "one size fits all" tour formula.

Day 1: Madrid Welcome Dinner at the oldest restaurant in the world!
Day 2: Madrid Sightseeing and Skip the Line Royal Palace Guided Tour
Day 3: Madrid/Bilbao Prado Museum. Train to Bilbao
Day 4: Bilbao Guggenheim Museum. Authentic Basque Dinner
Day 5: Bilbao/Pamplona by train
Day 6: Pamplona Running of the Bulls with our own Balcony, best view!
Day 7: Pamplona/Barcelona by train
Day 8: Barcelona. Hop-on/Hop-off Tour. La Sagrada Familia Guided Tour
Day 9: Barcelona/Marrakech Entry to Gaudi’s Park Güell. Evening flight to Marrakech
Day 10: Marrakech Guided tour and visit to the local bazaars
Day 11: Marrakech/Casablanca A day for exploring and shopping
Day 12: Casablanca. Authentic Moroccan Food Tour
Day 13: Flight back home

Price per person, double occupancy: $4495
(we match roommates for those wishing to share)
Price for single room: $5595


  • 12 nights in first class hotels with central locations
  • Breakfast daily
  • Dinner at Casa Botín in Madrid, founded in 1725, is the oldest restaurant in the world according to the Guinness Book of Records https://botin.es/
  • Authentic Basque Dinner in Bilbao
  • Transportation between the 6 cities
  • Arrival and departure transfers from airport to hotels and train stations
  • City Sightseeing tours in Madrid, Barcelona and Marrakech
  • Entrance tickets and guided tours at the Prado, Guggenheim, La Sagrada Familia, Park Gruell and other museums
  • Authentic Moroccan Food tour in Casablanca
  • Front Row Private Balcony to view (safely from above) the Running Of The Bulls in Pamplona

In addition to the services listed above, what's included mostly comes down to creating an awesome trip at a great value and balanced logistics.

Not Included:
x Transatlantic Airfare (we can help you arrange that)
x Meals not listed above
x Tips and any personal and accidental expenses

The only way to secure your spot is a $500 deposit
Click Here for Secure Deposit Link
Deposit is refundable up to 90 days before the departure (less PayPal fees).*** Final payment due 60 days before departure
Click Here and Fill out this Form if you are making a Deposit
Click Here to fill out our google info request form and receive detailed itinerary and inclusions.
Limited capacity of 24 total. This trip will fill up extremely quickly.

We have designed this to include all the "must see" locations.
Click Here to Message Direct to Anna with any questions.
She can help you arrange the airfare and answer any logistics questions.
Click Here to see all our other fun events


EPIC MACHU PICCHU! Find Your Path: Salcantay Route, Inca Trail or Train

There are several ways to get to Machu Picchu. All of them are stunning and storied. And you will get to choose the way that works best for you.

The Salkantay Trek is an ancient and remote footpath located in the same region as the Inca Trail where massive snowcapped mountains collide with lush tropical rainforests. It is less travelled than the Inca Trail, with breathtaking vistas! Considered by many the better alternate to get to Machu Picchu. It is also not that heavily regulated with government taxes and fees. Hence, the good price!

The Inca Trail is the "tourist" route. We are doing the 2-day hike, which is the second half of the classic Inca Trek. It is shorter and less difficult than the Salkantay. The view is stunning - mostly rainforest canopy and ancient historic sights.

The Train is just as it sounds. No long hike. Travel by rail and with less effort. This is intended for those with either less mobility or those that wish to glamp it a bit.

Peru is an amazing place with many unbelievable surprises. We are sampling a little bit of everything - from the tall peaks of the Andes, to the majestic Inca ruins, to the Amazon Jungle and not to forget...the famous Peruvian food and the pisco sour!!! This is a trip of a lifetime indeed!

Come enjoy this beautiful country the way you want - be it with a stunning 5-day hike (Salkantay), "The Classic" (Inca Trail) or the luxury way (The Train). We are doing this trip 3 different so we can be more inclusive and welcoming of all. For the Inca and Train option, we are including a bonus, 3-day trip to the Amazon Rainforest!

ALL THREE groups will begin together with a few days in Lima and in Cusco but will reach Machu Picchu - the culmination, in different ways!

Option 1: Machu Picchu via Salkantay Trail
Land Only Price per person, Double (Share) $2175
Land and Air out of LA, Double (Share) $3570
Single Supplement (Hotels only, share during trek) $300
Secure Deposit Link for Salkantay Trail $251

Option 2: Machu Picchu via 2-day Inca Trail and the Amazon Rainforest
Land Only Price per person, Double (Share) $2855
Land and Air out of LA, Double (Share) $4350
Single Supplement $400
Secure Deposit Link for 2-Day Inca Trail and Amazon Rainforest $252

Option 3: Machu Picchu by TRAIN and the Amazon Rainforest
Land Only Price per person, Double (Share) $2795
Land and Air out of LA, Double (Share) $4290
Single Supplement $400
Secure Deposit Link for Train Option and Amazon Rainforest $253

Deposit in addition to RSVP is required to hold your space. Deposit is refundable up to 90 day before start of event.


  • Hotels in Lima, Cusco, Aguas Calientes.
  • Emergency Insurance during Salkantay Trek portions.
  • Guided Sightseeing Tours in Lima, Cusco and Amazon Rainforest
  • Breakfast Daily
  • Welcome Dinner in Cusco
  • Farewell dinner in Aguas Calientes after Machu Picchu
  • Meals during Salkantay Trek, Inca Trail and the Amazon Jungle Adventure.
  • Hotel/Airport Transfers
  • One way Flight from Lima to Cusco and Cusco to Puerto Maldonado (for the Amazon extension)

Not Included

  • Any other meals not stated.
  • Any other taxes, gratuities, or other expenses.
  • Travel Insurance when not on Trek portion (we can give you a quote for that)
  • International Airfare, as well as flight from Cusco or Puerto Maldonado to Lima UNLESS you are opting for air and land group package from Los Angeles.

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