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Meditation - through this technique you will develop your psychic powers, such as, clairvoyance (seeing by the third eye), clairaudience (hearing by the inner ear), and clairsentient (feeling by gut-instinct). Through development you will utilise your energy centers (CHAKRAS) to make your spiritual progress in all fields of spirituality. You will learn the art of meditation, mediumship, rescuing spirits, spirit portraits, trance, psychometry, tarot, philosophy, prayers and such like in training. You will learn how to link in to the other side and bring forth information from those who have crossed over and provide evidence that there is no such thing as DEATH as all life is eternally changing as energy never dies, it TRANSFORMS. I look forward to seeing you in this group.
The location is Humberstone area. When you RSVP, email me for the address of the venue. Donation £3.

Note: If you are allergic to animal fur this group is not suitable for you.

If you do attend please arrive promptly at 7.45pm (not before).