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I'm homely, shy, quiet and I'm totally introvert person. Create this group is a big step to get out my comfort zone and meet more like minded friends,widen friends social circles . I know there are lots of similar meetup groups out there. But every meetup groups are unique.

Ongoing spring cleaning inside this group. -

Removing members who have not visiting this group within 6 months time.


Why I call Leisure Small Social Group ?

Small group gathering is easier and close to know one another. I also can't handle to many people at one time. A Meetup I plan, maximum 5-20 people.

Optional , If members here interested to volunteer and help me out, I can make you as Event Organiser. We can have more people involve in one meetup.


Meetups includes

- Volunteer work

- Weekend Getaways/Overseas Trip.

- Explore Singapore Foods Areas

- Team bonding session. Potluck, Ice breaker Games

- Video Creations

- Singles activities.


In playing and leisure mood , we are freedom. Drop your burden, release your stress .

Free yourself playing, laughing, meeting people, relaxing...etcs!

玩乐时间, 玩乐世界大家是自由的!! 抛開煩惱 , 盡情玩樂 .

The Freedomers are consist of young professionals who are currently working and residing in Singapore.

We are open for all, age of 21 years old and above.

Offer an open and welcoming experience for all - looking for things to do or just like meeting people and making new friends

If you are same as me (homely, shy, quiet person.)Get out your comfort zone and meet more like minded friends,widen friends our social circles.

(By the way my english is lousy compare to my chinese. Please forgive me if you dun understand my words.)


We will try to have at least (1) event every week/month! Some events may have limited space, so be sure to signup promptly. We'll plan events locally within the city as well as day-trips and weekends out of town.

Watch for announcements for each event weekly.

We are looking for serious regular event organiser. Your suggestions are always welcome

We are actively looking for Event Organiser to help create this group weekly events, maintain the group , so don't be shy - let us know your interest, just send us details through private message.


Developed some wonderful friendships and created some great memories. Start attending events and create your own inspiring stories along the way.

"Some events I will capture moments memories of meetup we plan. Facebook Live , Video/photos capture." Put your handsome/pretty smile on your face, when you saw camera flowing around. Dun feel uncomfortable if you do not want to be capture. Just be yourself"

Leisure Small Social Group (LSSG) House Rules;

- Only Accept Member with Real Person Photo in Your Profile. No photo/real person photo will detele immediately and be banned.

- You are welcome to host your own event here. (Pm me for more details)

- Joined us with good intentions and willingness to be an active and valuable member .

- Do turn up on time for the meetups you rvsp. This is a form of respect for the rest of our members.

- If you are joining the group with the intention to abuse your membership and the platform, you'll be removed form the group.

- No Spams, No Ads , No Marketing, No Porns.

Thanks for joining. See you in our upcoming meetup events.

Yan Seo (Organiser)

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