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Photo Walk From Bank Station through St Paul's Cathedral Ending at Tate Modern
THIS MEETUP TAKES PLACE EVERY THURSDAYS AND SUNDAYS Although the distance from Bank Station to Tate Modern is roughly 20 minutes by foot, but 2 hours will be enough for a photo walk as we will keep stopping at different points to take photos. Any kind of camera is acceptable, even if it is your phone. As the Photo Walk will start at 12PM, members are advised to arrive 15 minutes early so that the walk can start on time. Please find me next to the London Troops War Memorial in front of the Royal Exchange from where the photo walk will start. THE PLAN: - The photo walk will start from in front of THE ROYAL EXCHANGE, where there are loads of photo opportunities, as there are a number of statues and memorials there. - The walk will then continue on to POULTRY where we will walk straight towards the SAINT PAUL'S CATHEDRAL. You are welcome to photograph the beautiful modern and historical architectural buildings on the way. - Once near SAINT PAUL'S CATHEDRAL, we will then enter into the PATERNOSTER SQUARE. as PATERNOSTER SQUARE is right next to the Cathedral, members can freely move around as there are gardens all around which can be a perfect spot to take pictures of the nature with the magnificent Cathedral in the background. (Time duration and a meeting point will be decided where members can come back to and continue on with the walk) NOTE: As photography is strictly forbidden inside the Cathedral, members are kindly advised not to go inside. - The walk will then continue on towards the MILLENNIUM BRIDGE which gives a magnificent view of THE RIVER THAMES, including TATE MODERN and SAINT PAUL's CATHEDRAL. (Please be courteous towards the people on the bridge as there are many who are on their way to their jobs) - Once at the TATE MODERN, if there is enough time, members can go inside on their own. -The Photo Walk ends at 2PM. More information will be given once the walk has been filled up and finalised. Thank you all for reading through. I hope this will be a unique photography experience for all participants. Check with TFL for any travel disruptions that may delay you on the day. Cover Photo © Adnan Kundi

Bank Station

Bank Tube Station · London


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The meetups are suitable for anyone who has a passion for photography, either as a leisure, hobby or as a profession.

Don't worry, you don't need to have a professional camera to join in, a simple point and shoot would do. You just need to have a sense of creativity, and an eye for taking a photo with a style unique to yourself.

The meetups will be a mixture of Street, Travel, Nature and Landscape photography. There will also be meetups for doing group photo shoots of Models in a studio which will include Portrait, Fashion, Swimwear, Lingerie and more.

The aimof these meetups will be of the getting together of different creatives, who will get a chance to learn from each other's experiences and of course, get to know each other.

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