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The Mermaid's Cottage

26726 Calle Juanita apt A · Capistrano Beach, CA

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}~~A Lightworker's Crystal Healing Energy training & celebrating @ The Mermaid's Cottage by the Sea in San Clemente/Capo Beach, Ca. We believe in the Lemurian Crystal Healing Energie' and the Universal energy of one. A lot of us live here by the Sea or wish to live by it...It is usually an inner Soul passion or calling if you may. I believe one can feel the ocean's energie' and Spirit here just a little bit easier. No matter where you live! De La Mare'.. So to study, learn, teach, commune and Heal here with the CRYSTALS is greatly enhanced by the Oceania's passion. Long Life time training with Crystals, Energetic body-work, Psychic reading of the human body, Essence, heart and soul. All training will eventually add to your Crystal Healing Energie' Certificate. Remembering The LEMURIAN WAY. The full Certification Course is given @ regular intervals during the year.A true commitment to add to your healer's skills, be they new and budding or experienced yet yearning for more. I wish to have classes on going as long as folks will come..ongoing life training. One on one is available. Wed-fri, sat. I do prefer this, it can be customized for you after assessment of where you are at/on in your spiritual pathe. These classes will be done at the Mermaid's cottage or down at the beach by my home either in the morning or at dusk. Sometimes ending at sunset with snacks, bonfire and wine. I love Solstices/Equinoxes,big Crystal Grids/Mandalas, drumming and burning stuff. A few other field trips to crystal shops and a few mines for digging. We need to laugh and play with our learning of the spirit...because life is just too darn serious!
I am Debi McKee; 949-392-0409 (

call me for locations, times, crystal inquiry or just any question... nothing is too bizarre..

If you would like a Crystal Healing Session, counseling,therapy, learning how to meditate w your Crystals and truly feeling them or curious about my Crystal Healing certification courses, need to shop for a crystal, jewelry, oils or two please let me know! The Mermaid Cottage is open most days.I prefer to start @ 10-8 pm.1/2 day on Sunday, Monday is debiday. Ps. no witches please/no exceptions.

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