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Mariano's Bucktown

2112 North Ashland Avenue · Chicago

How to find us

Meet In front of the Store. Look for folks with cameras.

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Skill Level: Beginner. Gear Required: DSLR or fully manual high-end Compact or Mirrorless Camera, and a Tripod. Duration: 2 Hours

You have probably driven by there numerous times, without paying much attention to the surroundings. But this is a great spot for gritty urban photography during the golden hour and at night. The lower bridge is vintage and in disrepair, but offers numerous opportunities for serene and ominous urban night city sceneries, close-ups and outdoor still life photography. It is also a never-ending source for great textures you could use for blending projects in an image editor such as Photoshop.

Nearby Vintage Chicago River Bridges

If we have enough time and energy and the weather permits, we might even wander off to another nearby vintage bridge with a unique Chicago river and skyline view.

A Tripod Required

A tripod is a must for most cameras in this environment. So unless you're an advanced photographer with experience in high ISO shooting or an appropriate super low-light camera setup, please bring a tripod.

Things You Should Bring

• Your camera and lenses, memory cards

• Freshly charged batteries, including a backup

• A tripod is a MUST for most cameras

• A remote controller for your camera (optional)

• Your camera manual

• A flashlight and/or your Smartphone

• A notepad and pen

Photography Workshop Details

• During the first 30 minutes, I will explain the techniques involved for a successful night shoot.

• You will practice on how to shoot at night using a tripod and a remote or self-timer for long exposures. Please familiarize yourself with the self-timer or remote of your particular camera.

• As usual, I will help you as much as I can with technical issues and composition techniques and any camera and gear related questions related to night photography you might have (as time allows). Keep in mind that we can't cover all aspects of photography or your gear during this workshop.

In order for you to learn anything from me, we keep our photo workshops small.

Cost/Refund Policy: Since this group does not collect membership fees like traditional camera clubs, we charge per event to cover our overhead and keep no-shows low. We strive to provide high quality outings and workshops and spend a significant amount of time in researching and scouting ideal locations and techniques. This is a rain or shine event. Therefore there is NO REFUND unless the photo workshop is cancelled or rescheduled by the organizer.

Thanks and see y'all there!

Photography Instructor/Guide

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