What we're about

This is a group for aspiring authors who want critiques for their work, get insights and help navigating different types of publishing, and commiserate about the writing life with other like-minded individuals. We'll try to meet in the Leominster public library about once a month for around 2 hours.

If you have any writing of your own, or readings, that you would like to share, please copy and paste it to our message boards so that we might read it before the next meeting:


All members abide by the rule of copyright, so your ideas will not be stolen.

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Readings, Ruminations, and Road Blocks

Leominster Public Library

We will be meeting at 10 AM on Saturday, April 27 in the Friend's Room on the third floor of the Leominster Public Library. Do you have a story, a chapter, a poem, or a thought you'd like to share in a judgment-free zone? Are you interested in getting constructive feedback on a piece of writing that you're working on? Do you want simply to practice getting up in front of a group and presenting your work in a timely manner? Or do you have trouble getting motivated to create something new in the first place? Maybe you are looking for inspiration to get you started, or someone to hold you accountable for creating the next thing on your to-do list? In this meeting, we will be addressing all of the above. From stories that need a little more editing, to speaking in front of a crowd, to understanding the road blocks that prevent us from creating in the first place, you may find exactly what you're looking for right here. As with previous meetings, we will continue with our 10-minute per-person format for the first hour, where you can present a piece of writing that you're working on, or ask a question that you need help with. The 10 minute time block is yours to use as you need! The second hour will be devoted to discussion. Please bring copies of your work, if you choose to do a reading, as well as a notebook and pen, or computer, in case you want to collect feedback, or take any notes on what we discuss.

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Focused Writing and Discussion

Leominster Public Library