What we're about

Calling all lesbian, bisexual, queer women and their friends & allies who enjoy meeting others, trying new places and foods, and just want to make new connections, friendships, and more!

My partner Holly and I have created this group as a fun, positive way to meet other women like us who would rather put down the drinks and the drama, and meetup for fun and friendship! We'll do some fitness, hikes, new restaurants, live music, museums, and more! Please suggest events you're interested in and scheduling that works for you - we can't wait to meet you.


1. Invite women to the community that will gain value AND give value to the group, will openly support one another and bring positive vibes only. Also, invite friends & allies who will contribute positively to this community and its members.

2. Get to know the other members. Share your wisdom & resources. However, NO selling or promoting is permitted.

3. No name calling, bullying, negativity or airing your dirty laundry please. This is a place for positivity, community, and celebration.

4. No spamming or PM’ing members without their consent.

5. If in doubt about what you can and can’t post – ask the main hosts: Melissa & Holly.

6. Be inspired, learn, connect and spread your sunshine all over us.

7. If you RSVP to event, be prepared to show up. Your word is all you have. #Integrity

**If you disrespect these guidelines, you run the risk of being evicted from the group or your post being pulled down.**



By joining this group, RSVP'ing to events, and attending events, you are confirming that you have read, understand and accept the following:
LesBi Fit Friends MeetUp Group, as a member, you agree to indemnify and hold harmless the LesBi Fit Friends MeetUp Group, its organizers, co-organizers, assistant organizers, event hosts, and other members from all claims or liability of every type (including court costs and legal fees) for injury or death to any person or for damage to property, loss of personal property or any other wrongful act arising out of or relating to your participation as a member. This agreement applies to you and to other persons (as your guests) who may accompany you in these endeavors.

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