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Here's a group for lesbians of a "certain age" to get together and hangout. Events can be whatever interests us - meeting for coffee, hiking, card games, drumming, ukuleles, dining, pot lucks, mah jongg, ice cream parlor takeovers - anything we dream up! We can meet in public places in the Charlotte, NC area, or take turns hosting in our homes. The group will be mostly geared to lesbians over age 40, but if you're a younger lesbian and want to hang with us, that's fine too. Transgender and bisexual women also are welcome to join, as is anyone on the LGBTQ+ spectrum who identifies as a woman.

We attempt to be a ZERO DRAMA group and there is a code of conduct we will ask you to abide by (see below). Anyone found to be abusing the purpose of the group, which is friendship and fun activities with people of like mind, runs the risk of being banned temporarily or permanently.

NOTE: This is a closed group, and to be a member you need to have a recent photo of yourself as a part of your profile. If you're not out, that's fine. You can have a profile photo in this group without it being accessible to those outside the group. Just look for the link to edit your profile.

The Charlotte Lesbian Kindred Spirits group was started in April of 2016 by Polly and Anita, who had recently relocated to Charlotte from Connecticut. They needed friends, and they found them via this group!

The way this group works is that we plan things that we want to do, and we hope others will want to join in. Nobody gets paid to host events, and we don’t make money off this group. We do it because we like people and like to see people having fun.

We also like it when people like you help the group succeed by planning events. No experience is necessary!! All you have to do is have an idea of something you’d like to do, pick a time that is 2 or 3 weeks away (at a minimum), and schedule it. Oh, and then you have to show up! That’s all. It can be an event for 2 people, or 200 people. Whatever floats your boat. Think about it and let one of the organizers know if you’d like to become a planner.


-- Respect your event planners. They’ve spent time and energy on planning events for others – truly out of the goodness of their hearts. Do not RSVP to things just so you're in on the chatter about the event. RSVP to things you are excited to go to and will plan your schedule around. AND, if something truly does come up that changes your plans, let your event planner know as early as possible.

-- Members may or may not wish to be contacted individually via Meetup, Facebook, or other means. If you reach out to someone directly and they do not respond, respect their space, and move along.

-- If your EX is at an event… so what? We’re lesbians! We know how to be cordial to our exes, don’t we? There’s no reason that you can’t come to an event that your ex is at – truly. Some of us (Polly and Anita) invited their ex-girlfriends to their wedding. It can be done!

-- If you meet someone at an event that you want to get to know better, but she doesn’t feel the same, move along. Do not bully, intimidate, threaten, stalk, pester, spread rumors or in any way attempt to make someone feel unwelcome.

-- Respect everyone’s privacy. Not everyone has the luxury of being out, and it’s not your decision to out them. Ask permission to share any photos on social media outside of our Meetup or Facebook pages (and even there it’s best practice to ask).

The organizers will update this code of conduct from time to time. Remember, the whole point of this group is to make friends and have fun.

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