Practical Medical Intuition/ Intuitive Healing Session

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Imagine for one moment that you have entered a room filled with people, and that you know instantly how uncomfortable you feel. Imagine further that you can tune in to the chatter inside each person’s subconscious, that you “know” the energy and health of each individual in the room.
Even more important, imagine that you know in detail about your own energy and about every factor that is draining your intellectual, physical, and emotional power. The basic wisdom we will learn during this workshop gives you the tools to begin to see your own and others’ energy. Quantum physicists have confirmed the reality of the basic vibratory essence of life, which is what intuitives sense.

You'll also learn about:

1. Seven major chakras in relation to your health: what illnesses you get if certain chakras are weakened. You will understand that every illness (or condition) relates to abnormalities in certain chakras.

2. Which chakras to work with if you have relationship problems?

3. Which chakras dictate your financial success and what you can do to improve them?

4. Which chakras to work with to increase your intuition (inner knowledge or inner voice).

5. Which chakras to work with to increase longevity and stay looking young (even 20 years younger than your biological age).

6. Which chakras to work with to increase your spirituality and experience unconditional love.

Cost $20

• What to bring
Water, a notebook , your beautiful self.

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