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What is "Lets Build A Community" about (Purpose)?
The "Purpose" of this group is allow and create Meetup space for individuals that want to be involved with the roles for building a new community. Roles examples are Founder, support person, expert, interested novice or someone that might be passionately driven by a cause.

Most importantly this group introduces "Founder" individuals of their new communities to supporting like minded individuals that want to assist in a community cause!

This would require attending various Meetup type sessions to create and support the new community.

A good example of a first meetup would be a brainstorming session for the requirements of a new community.

Who should join?

Ideal members for this group are founders that looking for experts and assistance with creating their new community.


Members for this group can create "Postings" for Brainstorming sessions for creation of their community gatherings. This MIGHT include what would be necessary to conduct classes, workshops, free events, and sharing of paths and opportunities with other community minded people!

In "Let's Build A Community" members can also collaborate with established communities and create a required social network.

Why join this group:

Creating a new community typically requires a great deal of effort. Perhaps if one were to ask the world for assistance from like minded individuals to shared efforts then there could more potential for success.

Typical questions to learn more about how to develop a community might be:

Where are the best venues for my group?

What are the best methods for creating collateral and marketing?

Where do I find an audience?

What is the best methods to batch email my members?

How do I find experts in my field?

How can creating my own Meetup Group help me?

Typical member activities:

A member might post to the Discussion Page to enlist Cultural institutions for assistance in honoring traditions.

A member might post an event to search for volunteers to assist with the development of the new community

A member might post for assistance in finding a venue

A member might post for assistance in creating an executive summary for the new community

Leadership Statement from Founder of "Let's Create A Community":

Founder Gerry Kirkpatrick created this Meetup Group to to provide event roles for the leaderships and members of community development.

This includes assignments of:

• Assistant organizer(s) (http://help.meetup.com/customer/portal/articles/868703-build-a-leadership-team)

• Event organizer(s) (http://help.meetup.com/customer/portal/articles/865495-event-organizers)

• Event host(s) (http://help.meetup.com/customer/portal/articles/604159)

Upon approval and assignment of specialized roles those Let's Build A Community members can add their own events to the Let's Build A Community web site.

How to request for a specialized roles:

Simply send a Meetup message to Gerry delineating your new community, leadership talents and objectives. Gerry can then approve you to post your own Community Events.

Guidelines are delineated here. (http://help.meetup.com/customer/en/portal/articles/865536-meetup-s-community-guidelines)

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