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Our motto: Get out of your bubbles, see what adventures Colorado has to offer, and share in those experiences with new friends!

Let's Explore Colorado curates a mix of different meet-in-real-life activities to include (but not limited to): snowshoeing, festivals, horseback riding, ski/snowboard day trips, weekend camping trips, paddleboarding, brewery/winery tours, hiking trips, and even some rodeo shows. We've been one of the more active groups in the state of Colorado since 2014 and are continuing to grow and expand our reach of events each year.

There are no mandatory dues and most of the scheduled events will be 100% free. Contributions and "chip-ins" from group members are used to curb the costs of maintaining the Meetup group and to help with rental down payments and group deposits for some larger and more complex events and adventures. These optional donations provide additional perks, as well.

As in previous years, you can expect that we'll continue group volunteering events and adventure work trips.

Don't be afraid of a little driving. Some destinations will take a bit to get there, but it will all be worth it. Remember.. we are here to explore and experience all of Colorado, not just Denver!

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Tree Planting (Reforestation Project) - Volunteer Saturday

Sunshine Canyon Drive

Let’s get involved and assist with a reforestation project in the Boulder area. ----- BACKGROUND AND EVENT DESCRIPTION: Trees play an important role in the water cycle, grounding the water in their roots and releasing it into the atmosphere. A single tree also sequesters about 48 lbs. of carbon dioxide per year. 46-58 thousand square miles of forest are lost every year due to a number of different factors (including wildfires); that’s the equivalent to 36 football fields every minute. Our goal on this particular day will be to bring at least 80 volunteers to counter these losses by planting tree seedings, removing invasive plant species, doing general tree care for existing trees, and prepping the general area for the next generation of trees. ----- LOGISTICS AND DETAILS (as of 3/15): * We’ll be located in the Fourmile Canyon area in Boulder, CO. * We were granted permission to bring a larger group; our goal is 80 volunteers. * The event officially starts at 9:00am and ends at 3:00pm. Please arrive early to allow for parking and to do a quick overview of the day with the organizers. * Each individual (or guardian, in the case of children) will be expected to sign a liability waiver on-site prior to participating. * Snacks will be provided throughout the day. * Well-behaved dogs that have been socialized with other dogs are allowed. Dog owners will need to be mindful of their dogs and clean up after them. * This is a kid-friendly event. * More info about parking will be provided closer to the event. ----- WHAT TO BRING: * Clothes (that can get dirty) * Long pants (strongly recommended) * Boots or close-toed durable shoes * Work gloves (to protect your hands) * Drinking water (to stay hydrated) * Sunscreen and/or hat with any brim to cover protect your face * Plastic shopping bag or reusable bag (to carry tree seedlings) ----- WEATHER: In the case of snow, extremely low temps, or other storm system involving heavy rain, the event will be rescheduled to Sunday, April 21. ----- REFORESTATION LOCATION: Sunshine Canyon Drive Bouder, CO 80302 ----- Après Tree-Planting: The Rayback Collective 2775 Valmont Road Boulder, CO https://therayback.com/ ----- IMPORTANT NOTE: This is one of those few events where "no shows" are a really big deal. In this particular case, we've committed to bringing the exact count of people who have provided their RSVP via Meetup. Please be mindful and considerate; your intent to volunteer and your RSVP are very much appreciated but if you think that you won't be able to make it, please update your RSVP so we can plan around your absence or give someone a chance from the WAITLIST. For this event, cancellations within 48 hours will be regarded as "no shows".

Adult Group Camp at Private Lake/Campground - 10 Spots Available

Let's go camping at a privately owned lake/campground near Bailey (~1 hour from Denver). ---- READ CAREFULLY BEFORE RSVPing: For a few adventurous people, camping is a 4-season activity. For the rest, Spring is the first opportunity that camping gear sees the light of day in several months. Camping attendees will be able to go fishing (catch-and-release), kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding, hiking, biking, and bald eagle watching (their nests are on-site) on a pre-Memorial Day weekend. The picturesque scenery in the immediate background is just what your doctor ordered for a mini-vacation to recharge your batteries. ---- UPDATE (as of 3/21): We’ve reserved a single-group camping site on which we can have a maximum of 15 people and a maximum of 5 vehicles. Depending upon how fast RSVPs fill up, we may grab a second-group camping site directly adjacent to the first. The group site has no tent limit so people can spread out and also don’t have to feel obligated to share their sleep space. Outside of the first night in which we’ll have a potluck planned for dinner, everyone will be responsible for their own meals unless other plans are made in advance. ---- TRIP COST (partial days not available): -- $28 per person covers two nights (Friday and Saturday night) -- $0.00 for 5 cars parked at campsite (reserved for carpoolers) -- $10.00 per night for additional vehicles (parked in overflow lot) ---- HOW TO COMPLETE YOUR RSVP: (your RSVP is incomplete until full payment is made) 1. Make payment (first-come, first-served) - * VENMO - Use your Venmo app to scan the Venmo code listed as a pic in my Meetup profile *or* use my phone:[masked] to send $28. * PAYPAL - Navigate your web browser to - https://www.paypal.me/letsexplorecolorado *or* send me a direct Meetup message and I'll share my email address. If you opt for PayPal, please use "send to a friend" option to send $28. 2. GPS coordinates, driving directions, campground map, and site number will be sent after receipt of completed payment. 3. Download the campground liability waiver (insert link here). Bring a printed copy with you for faster check-in. ---- WHAT TO EXPECT: * Tents-only; no RVs or pull-campers on this trip. * The group sites are pretty spacious and relatively flat. * Our group site will be a shaded spot situated right by the lake. * Each group site has 3 picnic tables and a communal fire pit. * We will be within short walking distance to a rustic vault toilet. * There are no showers, however people have been known to take a quick dip in the lake to refresh themselves. * There is no drinking water available; you must bring in all the drinking water you will require for your stay. * Friday check-in: Any time after 2pm. No arrivals after 8pm. * Sunday check-out time: 12pm noon. * This is an adults-only trip. * There is little to no cell service at the campground. * Dogs = Yes. * Updates on the weather forecast will be posted in the COMMENTS. * This is a managed campground; there will be quiet hours involved (10pm - 8am). ---- CARPOOLING (Mandatory): * I'll set up an off-site location where people can meet ahead of the trip. * We can only have a max of 5 vehicles at the campsite, itself. * Additional vehicles *are* allowed on the campground but at an additional charge (you must pay the fee at visitor center on your own). * Vehicles staying at the campsite itself *must* provide space for at least 2-people to carpool with their gear. This is not optional. * If you can offer a ride for people plus gear or if you need a ride, please use the COMMENTS below to kickoff any initial rideshare discussions. Vehicle 1 (Driver: Dave D) - Vehicle 2 (Driver: Tiffany P) - Vehicle 3 (Driver: TBD) - Vehicle 4 (Driver: TBD) - Vehicle 5 (Driver: TBD) - ---- CANCELLATION POLICY: * Life happens and plans change but refunds are not available for this trip. * If you need to back out of the trip altogether, you can sell your spot to someone else in the Meetup group.

Conundrum Hot Springs - Snowmass Wilderness Backpack

Maroon Bells Trailhead

THIS MEETUP INVITATION IS A PLACEHOLDER ONLY. THE FINAL DATES AND TRIP LOGISTICS HAVE NOT YET BEEN LOCKED IN. Conundrum Hot Springs has a new permit policy so our trip will be *heavily* dependent on getting one assigned to our group. Dates may be shifted depending on our permit being granted but we should know this months in advance. -- AT A GLANCE: Since this is being planned as a backpack trip (16.7 total miles round trip) the intent is to keep the group relatively small (6 or less people). We'll be heading out there on a weekday to avoid the weekend party scene and staying 1-2 nights at the actual hot springs site. While we're there, we'll plan on some day hikes. Due to the elevation and relative location, it is entirely possible that there will still be snow at the designated campsites and (potentially) on the trail until July 2019. RSVPs will not be opened up until all the details have been worked out. More updates and details to be provided as soon as we get them.

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Horse Rescue - Volunteer Saturday (4 hours) - FULL

Zuma's Rescue Ranch

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