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Let's Get Stoned!

Photo of Lyle Tautfest
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Lyle T.


Hello All! I have chosen the next three stones from my magic box of rocks! These three stones are Amazonite, a beautiful, opaque, bright turquoise colored stone. Sugilite, another opaque stone, this one is a mottling of purple, magenta, dark red (sometimes) and black. And Citrine! A translucent, bright yellow stone. All three of these stones are wonderful fun to work with, and I look forward to discussing them with you all at December's meetup! December is going to be the last meetup for the winter season. With all this wonderful winter weather, it's getting to be time to spend at home. The meetup will be starting again in April, so come on out to Shining Lotus Wednesday December 10th and Let's get stoned!

Photo of Crystal Clarity: A monthly in-depth exploration group
Crystal Clarity: A monthly in-depth exploration
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