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Poppie and I are very excited to start up this Trike riding group and meet and ride with you all, we are also hoping that UN-like some of the other motorcycle/Trike riding groups we are members of, that members of this Trike group will actually come out and ride with us on a regular basis, The more interest I see from all of us the more rides I will feel like putting together and taking us on.

At times our break stops along the way may be to walk the sidewalk of a little town to check out it's older and unique buildings and surroundings, On some occasions we'll browse antique shops or vintage stores we find in smaller townships and mountain communities, and at times some of our break stops might be just a vista point or a spot with lots of nature around, and when convenient a small store of some kind for drinks or snacks in case we need something, and we try and make sure a bathroom of some type is always available at break stops as well.

We just Love riding and exploring the well paved back roads of California and Nevada riding many different types of machines, but nothing quite lets us take in as much as we can when we're riding a Trike, So this group will be dedicated for all types and brands of 3 wheel trikes where we can just have fun, all the while understanding that we are just cruisin at a very mellow pace and enjoying all we see, touch and smell along the way, And so we can take advantage of a different look at nature as we roll by.

We'll do all types and distance rides and possibly some overnighters as we move forward but for now more commonly our rides will be day rides between 100 to 150 miles in length and include break stops each 45 minutes to an hour and a nice relaxing Lunch stop along the way, That makes for a well rounded beautiful day ride that gets us back at an early daylight hour with plenty of saddle time and new stories to tell, And I'll try to post and lead at least a few rides each month, some weekends and others weekdays.

If you ride with us you will need to leave all your cares and worries at home and just come out and enjoy the day and the roads we ride, So No Drama Kings or Queens allowed Please, just peaceful easy going down to earth folks that can ride their machines safely and respect each others differences so we ALL have a Great day and Ride and can take in and enjoy all that surrounds us as we explore this Great State and others we roll through.

Please be aware that while we are just a mellow cruising group you will need to be able to actually ride your machine well and safe and at the posted speeds and or the flow of traffic, which at times can be plus 5 or 10 miles an hour above the posted limit and safety and mutual respect of all other members and their guests at ALL times is paramount.

It is Possible at times that persons on large 2 wheel motorcycles that want to ride along and understand and experience what "Trikin'" is all about may be allowed to join us for the day to see if transitioning to a Trike is in their future, Or if your Spouse or partner or Friend rides a 2 wheel Motorcycle and wants to come along and doesn't mind the slower pace, that will be fine as long as they are an experienced and safe rider.

Well That's about it, pretty simple, anyone and everyone that would like to join and be a member and go explore some amazing back roads and enjoy the company of other Trike and Bike folks while we do it, sign up,show up, and Let's Roll where the wind takes us.

Safe travels and good roads to us all,

Michael Paul & Poppie,

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