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First of all, you have to be willing to read the group description to the end. Are you single, grown and sexy and ready to Mix It Up? Yes? Perfect!
Let’s Mix It Up is for single, grown and sexy, classy, professional, fun, open-minded, friendly, sweet, DRAMA FREE, outgoing, WOMEN & MEN who are 34-52 years young, love life and are willing to actually “Meet Up” with like-minded men & women. You must be willing to spend a few dollars or pitch in to have a good time. Our events are organized with men and women in mind and our events are things we can do together to form friendships, increase positive interactions between the sexes and enjoy each other’s company. If you are SERIOUS ABOUT DOING THINGS that are designed to Mix It Up...we welcome you.


The goal is to actually Mix It Up by getting to know each other by participating in outings, events and activities that men and women can enjoy together. If you enjoy candid and thought provoking conversations, movies, game nights, yoga, poetry, sports, breweries, painting with a brush in one hand and a cocktail or a beer in the other, parks, occasional light workouts, day or overnight and weekend trips, bowling, the gun range, laughing and having a reason to smile, cigar lounges, new restaurants, wine, retreats, massages, reading good books, cultural, community and local events, playing cards, creating vision boards, relaxing spa days, cruising, live music and exploring Atlanta and surrounding areas-great! The name, Let’s Mix It Up, speaks volumes. We truly want to establish a cool group of adults who are looking to make genuine connections. Remember, this group is designed around getting out of our daily routines or perhaps enhancing them by incorporating new people that are 100% available, genuine and down to earth. That’s the only way to form new, friendships and connections. Also, if there is something you’d like to do, feel free to inbox me and we can talk about setting it up.


If you are not single in every sense of the word, please do not waste our time. Of course, if you are a penny pincher, a prude, a shrewd, rude, stuck up, have a bad attitude or you do more frowning than smiling, if you are overly aggressive, or super controlling, please pass us by. If you enjoy and encourage confusion, complaining and keeping up mess, if you do not respect and appreciate privacy and you post your every move on social media, if you RSVP to everything and attend nothing, please keep it pushing. If you always have excuses to not come out (i.e. it’s raining, it’s hot, it’s cold, it’s windy, I ate last week, it’s too far, I don’t know anybody in the group, I only have fun within 10 minutes of my house, I went somewhere yesterday or last week or last month, I don’t have fun during the week, I don’t have fun on the weekends, I only have fun if it’s free, etc.), this will not be your cup of tea. Seriously. If you are simply too busy to meet new people, OR you like to join groups as a troll (i.e. a chronic onlooker) as opposed to being a participant, please choose another group to take up space in. If you are not willing to drive or carpool to have a great time, please do not request to join this group because the things mentioned above are not conducive to what we are here to do together. We have a good time and there are no fun groups without participation.


We are actual people with real lives and You MUST have a CLEAR, RECENT photo of YOUR CURRENT FACE on your profile. Period. You WILL BE AUTOMATICALLY DENIED AND BANNED if your picture is of your previous self from many moons ago, if your picture is a picture of a picture, if it has a snap chat filter on it (we are too grown for snap chat filters...lol), if it does not look friendly, fun or inviting...please do not look mad or sad. If your picture is an advertisement, or includes an advertisement; we will network within the group as relationships are formed, but our primary focus is building a true circle of friends, not recruiting customers. If your photo is of scenery, pets, etc., that's clearly not a person.

The reason we need a clear and recent photo is because when we plan to meet you, we need to know who we are looking for. We are looking for you at events and looking to meet you based on your profile picture. If you decide to catfish us with an old picture, and show up to a meet up looking like another person, you will be removed and banned from the group. No questions asked. No refunds. Honestly, with so many cell phones in the world, there is no reason to not have a nice photo.


Atlanta is a big city and the world is even bigger. There is so much to see and do. There is no "central location", so our events will be on different sides of town and sometimes in different states. If you know of something cool, fun and/or sexy to do on your side of town, let me know and we can post it as an event for the group. If you would like to host a posted event or a new event at your place or someplace else, please let me know as well. The goal is for us to explore, be open to different sides of town, support each other and grow into a circle of grown and sexy friends.


Our Events will be set up so that you can come out and enjoy yourself. We will post at least 3 opportunities for you to Mix It Up per month. We will also plan staycations, mini road trips, day trips, overnight trips out of state and an annual international trip in 2020. If you do not have a passport, work on getting one so that you will be able to join us on the international trip once it’s posted. The event details will provide all the information you need, so please read them. The monthly membership fee of $24.99 will be used to cover the monthly site maintenance, plan events where prepayment is required, cover deposits and other things necessary to ensure our group runs smoothly.

Please be considerate. It takes time and planning to set up events, activities and outings that will be posted. Many things will be posted well in advance so that your schedule can be adjusted, if need be. As busy professionals, we have different schedules. To accommodate this reality, events will also be posted for different days of the week. Of course, weekday things (Monday-Thursday) will only be for a couple hours and weekend (Friday-Sunday) things may be longer.


Be mindful of the RSVP dates and payment info for events. A reservation fee will be required for most outings. This ranges from $5-up, based on the location and the details of the particular outing. This will secure your spot, activities for the event, or admission. This also minimizes fake RSVP's. The individual event details will let you know if the fee is transferrable.

Monitor your RSVP's per the event details. It literally takes 2 seconds to update your RSVP. We plan for those who plan for us. So, if you RSVP and do not bother to update your RSVP to “Not Going” 24 hours PRIOR to the posted event, and/or you do not show up, you are a "No Show". If you “No Show” three times, you will be removed and banned from the group. Not because you couldn’t make it, but because you are inconsiderate and unreliable.


This group is for the grown and sexy. Drama has no place here. Man drama, catty girl drama, mean girl drama, stuck up drama, baby mama drama, baby daddy drama. No drama. Also, if you are rude, offensive, or disrespectful to anyone in this group via thread, messages or in person, you’ll be removed and banned.


Ladies and gentlemen, once you are in Let’s Mix It Up, please keep the following in mind: (1) All members will receive a welcome gift at your first event with us. (2) Check the posted events and be sure to READ all the DETAILS and update notifications. (3) RSVP to as many as you are interested in because we keep our Meet Ups at a reasonable size based on the individual events to encourage interaction of the members who attend. We want everyone to get to know each other and engage with one another. (4) We take great care in knowing who we are preparing for. Therefore, OUR EVENTS ARE USUALLY SET TO ZERO ADDITIONAL GUESTS. Do not bring an additional person or take it upon yourself to show up with an extra person because that would be rude of you, so both and your guest will be in an awkward situation that you created. Then, you will be banned and removed from the group. (5) Everyone must be open to an initial conversation from one of the organizers, Sunshine or Suquita. We’ll reach out to welcome you and put a voice with the name and the face. (6) You are asked to attend at least one posted event per month. Ongoing inactivity may result in being removed from the group. (7) For safety’s sake, and to maintain quality interactions, all trips, activities and events that are “overnight” are only open to those who have participated in 5 or more posted events prior to the overnight event so that you’ve had multiple opportunities to interact with everyone before we take our fun on the road.


We will have food and adult beverages at some events and sometimes there are unopened drinks. You will be asked to bring an appropriate bottle from time to time. All unopened drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) from our events will be collected by the organizer to be used at a future event.


Two-way communication is important. Please read ALL event descriptions and FULLY respond to questions relevant to the events and/or what is posted on the discussion threads. If you can’t attend, that’s fine, no need to post that you “can’t attend”, just don’t RSVP or update your RSVP accordingly. Under the individual event threads, please post about your experience and share photos during or after the event. Inbox Sunshine or Suquita with the other stuff, to keep our threads neat.

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