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UPDATE: I PLAN TO DISCONTINUE THIS MEETUP GROUP BY NOVEMBER. I apologize, I have not had much time to keeping it going on my own. And because the Downey Baha'i Community is very small, the actual Sunday meetings have occasionally been cancelled without notice.

WE PLAN TO SWITCH TO EVENT ANNOUNCEMENTS ON FACEBOOK.COM/bahaispiritualinsouthlacounty. (Baha'is and Spiritual Seekers in Los Angeles County) I encourage you to "like" that page if you are interested. I'm hoping to get more participation from other Baha'i communities throughout LA County to post events and activities.

Keeping the following description just for background info.

Come spend time discussing spiritual topics with the Baha'is of Downey. We will meet at least once a month on the second Sunday in Downey, CA. Also post other inter-faith discussions happening in the Los Angeles Area. We will have open discussions on topics such as:

-What is our purpose: what do the holy writings say,
-Judgment: What does that look like ,
-The Power of Faith in healing your community,
-Journey of Abraham, Jesus, Mohammed, Krishna, Buddha and Baha'u'llah,
-Is World Peace Attainable?
-How do we move beyond racial or gender inequalities?
-How do you make religion "HIP" or " FUN",
-Worshiping: Different forms of worship,
-Life, Death and the Soul,
-Living in a Material world while developing your spiritual self , and
-What does it mean to be Jewish, Christian, Buddhist, Hindi, Muslim, Baha'i.

These are just a few of the topics we will explore. Let us know if you have a topic suggestion or request. Our group will expand to have interfaith devotionals and other activities with community members to help bridge the gap between us while promoting unity and peace.

No donations will be requested or accepted for any of our meetups.

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