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Like a book club, but for music.

Book clubs are a thing but where are the clubs for people who want to discuss albums or songs, or the latest concert you went to?

Something brought you to this Meetup website, and to this "About Us" page. Just like you, we LOVE MUSIC. Deeply. All kinds of music. And we get excited meeting and talking with people who love talking about music too. We want to talk about our favorite bands, and we want to learn about yours and why they are your favorite. We want to debate over "Best Of..." set lists, decipher and argue different interpretations of song lyrics; talk about jazz, chamber and symphonic music, and all other music without lyrics, (in which case we can decipher what the composers intended to convey through the harmonic and melodic content..., if anything at all - some music might just be absolute, not programmatic, or...who knows, ya know?).

We love to talk about genres: Why did the music from the '60 sound the way it did? Is now a time for a resurgence of protest rock and folk, and if so, why? (What is "protest rock and folk"? Who were the biggest artists of that movement?) Did disco really die, or did it get a new set of clothes and producers and come back as EDM? (What does a "producer" really do, anyway?) Why do many dance bands today still give honorable mention to Giorgio Moroder and Arif Mardin? What happened to Neo-Soul? Dub-Step? Trap-Step? Emo?

Why was J.S. Bach's music from the 18th century selected to be among the very finest of what all mankind has to offer, placed in a capsule, and shot into outer space for other lifeforms to hopefully one day discover? Why did Beethoven, Mozart, and others who came after Bach literally look up to him as "the father of us all in music" (and many textbooks today still regard him as probably the greatest composer ever) when, during his own lifetime his music wasn't considered anything special? What was the soundtrack of his life?

What's your favorite film soundtrack? Does it sound good / bad / funny /scary / tense / dramatic on its own, without the film? (What does it mean when music sounds "scary", or "dramatic"?) Was it music which had been adapted for the film, or music made specifically for the film? What other music could have gone with the film in place of that which did? Would it have made the scenes better? How?

The Beatles: Greatest or Worst band ever? Why are they still talked about after so many decades? Would the same have been true for the Rolling Stones if they'd broken up 40 years ago? For Aerosmith? Will the Grateful Dead be remembered in 40 years? Will Michael Jackson? B.B. King? Miles Davis? Madonna? Prince? Bey (without Jay)? Miley Cyrus (if she switches to country music in her 30's)?

Which media works best for playing music? Has anyone tried the Pono player? The Audioquest Dragonfly? Do they make digital files sound better than LP records? (Yes, Bon Iver, Young The Giant, Drake, Jorge Drexler, Passion Pit,...etc. are all available on vinyl LP records).

We could talk about music EVERY DAY FOR THE REST OF OUR LIVES!


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Let's Talk (And Sing?) About Music!
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Music Junkies! A big, warm welcome to all our newest members, and to you and everyone else here, I hope your summer is off to a great start. We'd all love to meet you and learn about what you're listening to these days, and what about it that makes you tick. We'll be having more get-togethers soon, but first I want to get your thoughts about joining in on an evening of loud, rollicking, fun karaoke in the near future. I have been thinking about it but decided to ask everyone first because a) ours is more a discussion-driven group (as opposed to an event-driven one - though of course, there will be events on occasion), and; b) mostly because this will not be a free event, and this group was always intended to be completely fee-free. Karaoke bars usually have steep hourly fees, which can be divided among the group, so I'm trying to gauge interest in the idea, and based on that, will see if we go ahead with it, and figure out the logistics of how to make it happen. Please reply to me, or post comments right here with your thoughts on this. Thanks, all! **************************************************************************************** And, while I'm here, I want to acknowledge how unbelievably difficult 2016 has so far been for the world of music (and, well.. just, "the world", period.) with the passing of so many of our most visionary and talented artists. It's as if Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, and Whitney Houston all died in the same week. Three times over. For me, it started in December, with Scott Weiland of Stone Temple Pilots, a band which I'd had a long personal connection with, even before they were well known; then Lemmy from Motorhead (ouch! I'm a bassist too, and had been watching the arc of Lemmy's career for a long time); then David Bowie (who ironically, was one of Scott Weiland's biggest inspirations); Glenn Frey of the Eagles, Maurice White from Earth, Wind, and Fire; Phife Dawg from A Tribe Called Quest; Merle Haggard; Prince... Oh, no! I could spend all day writing pages and pages about the importance and impact of each one of these beloved artists. But I think it would just better if we get together and talked, no? Lastly, in recalling perhaps the most poignant and personal one of all (for me, at least), I vividly recall watching the opening ceremonies of the Olympics when it came to the US 20 years ago. I remember watching a weakened, enfeebled figure, stooped over and shaking with disease, pulling on everything he had inside to steady himself and raise above his head the flaming torch he was carrying. It was one of the most enduringly powerful and poetic expressions of resilience, dignity, and the primacy of the human heart and spirit which I’d ever had the honor of witnessing. That moment became a constant wellspring of strength for me, one which I quite often revisit, to this day. I shed tears during that moment of inspiration 20 years ago, as I do today for the bearer of that torch. Thank you, my most beloved and magnificent Sir. And RIP. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WgcovIu3k9o

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