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Let's Woof!
The purpose of the group is to have fun while learning about dog behavior and dog health - and to build a community of friends who are like-minded dog lovers. After getting to know each other a bit, we'll start off with a short educational piece regarding dog behavior or health. Then everyone will have the opportunity to ask questions related to any dog challenges they may be having, with input encouraged from anyone who has ideas or solutions that have worked for them. If there's time, we'll wrap up with a walk around the neighborhood with our dogs. Dogs are welcome! Please do keep them leashed. For safety reasons, avoid bringing a dog who is aggressive.

Mariners Park

1300 Irvine Ave · Newport Beach, CA


What we're about

Do you love your dog as if they were your own child?

Does your dog bring you more joy than you ever could have imagined?

And are you also struggling with a dog behavioral challenge or health problem that’s stressing you out? (I’d bet you that your dog is feeling stressed as well.)

This Meetup is for you.

You are welcome in this group whether your dog is a rescue or from a breeder….you’ve had your dog for weeks or years… and whether you have “just” one or a pack!

You may have found that sometimes the people in your life don’t understand the special bond you have with your dog. This group is a safe place for you to talk about your dog without being judged.

As someone who loves animals like crazy, who diligently trained to become one of fewer than 100 certified Healing Touch for AnimalsⓇ practitioners worldwide, and who helps pet owners professionally with their pets’ behavioral and health challenges, I’ve created this group so dog parents can learn from each other’s experiences. Whether you’ve tried it all to help your dog or are looking at a new issue, come. Learn, share, and meet new people who love animals as much as you do.

Bring your questions to each meeting and get support. Help others with their dog challenges by sharing what has worked for you. And, of course, bring your dog! Let’s build community while together we learn how to keep our dogs happy, healthy, and behaviorally appropriate.

I look forward to sharing stories!

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