What we're about

This is a group for anyone suffering from a mental illness that is causing them to feel hopeless, alone, worried about the future, without a purpose, etc. Mental illness is hard, and finding genuine support is harder. I want to provide people with a safe and judgement free space to talk, listen, and help each other.

Together I hope we can have open and honest discussions about the struggles we are facing and know that you are not suffering alone. The goal here is to not just discuss mental illness but to find ways to overcome it. I want everyone to find their purpose, their reason to live and enjoy life. Nobody should have to feel like they have no reason to go on. We will discuss coping mechanisms and how to replace unhealthy ones. I hope that we can all find the strength and the motivation to get better.

I also hope to include some creative projects; drawing, painting, writing songs or poetry, and more to explore different topics, feelings, and ideas. We will also plan some fun events, especially with it being summer, so we can get out and enjoy ourselves.

Rules and Important Notes:

• 18 and older please

• Be open minded and free of hate; I want every race/ethnicity, sexuality, gender identity, body type, age etc. to feel welcome here. There will be no hate and no shaming of anyone. If there is, the person will be removed from the group.

• No one will be forced to participate or speak, i know that many people suffer from social anxiety so until you feel comfortable doing so there is no pressure. You are more than welcome to just come and listen/observe. Of course I would encourage you to find the courage to join in :)

• Please keep in mind that sensitive topics will be discussed openly. If you have any specific triggers that the group should be aware of please let me know beforehand. This way people can say when they are going to discuss said trigger and you can step away if needed. I want everyone to feel safe and do not want to cause anyone unnecessary distress.

• This is not intended to be a religious group. Please do not preach or tell people they need to find god in order to be happy or anything like that. There are plenty of religious/spiritual groups out there for that. (No hate here I just don't think it's appropriate to tell others things like this nor is it really helpful.)

• Please, PLEASE give me feedback and suggestions on what i can do better, what kinds of activities we should do, places to meet, events we could plan, etc. Two heads are better than one. Speaking of, if anyone is interested in potentially co-leading this with me, i would love to talk to you. I would be especially grateful if someone with a psychology degree or background (therapist, psychologist, or even just in school studying psych) would like to join me in leading. I am NOT a professional, I am not a therapist, i do not have a degree in psychology. I am simply someone who has struggled with mental illness, seen others close to me struggle, and I have a passion for mental health and for helping people. Please contact me through meetup or my email: Kaylee.Krajnovich@aol.com if you are interested.

• Last note, as someone who has never organized anything like this before or met up with a group of strangers, i do worry about the safety of everyone and myself. I want to make sure we are meeting in safe places and that no one is coming with intention of harming others. If somewhere we choose to hold an event causes any concern or if anyone is making you feel unsafe at an event please please let me know (or if its just someone in the community/discussion contact meetup!) Everyone's safety is my top priority!

That is all! Please Join, suggest ideas, and spread the word! Hopefully I can organize an event soon if I can get enough people to join ~

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