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Hello, there.
Are you shy?

Don't you feel uncomfortable when you speak in front of people?
I was definitely such a person who got nervous easily when I stood in front of audience.

I may overcome some but still sometimes encounter the situation that I cannot control myself well.

Then I started this meetup groups so that I can have more chances to practice speaking.

Why don't you join us to practice together?

Let's practice with fun!!







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[Jul.15] English/Japanese Speech Practice

Kitchen Karin

[ English follows ] 人前で喋るのが苦手、ミーティングや朝礼が苦手、急に話せと言われても全然ダメ・・・そんな経験や苦手意識はありませんか? 私たちと一緒に練習しましょう! <詳細> ★日時: 2019/7/15 (月/祝) 13:10-14:40 (約1時間30分間) ★場所: キッチンカリン (各線京橋駅から徒歩約10分) ★参加費:500円(飲食の注文不要。お飲み物が必要な方はご自分でお持ち下さい。) ★アクセス:下記をご参照下さい。 https://www.meetup.com/ja-JP/Lets-practice-Public-Speaking-in-Osaka/photos/28235172/#[masked] ★プログラム(仮): 1.アイスブレイク(自己紹介、ゲームなど軽いトーク) 2.本日の目標を確認 3.第2言語(日本語または英語)での即興スピーチ ★持ち物: 『他の方をご配慮する気持ち』だけです! ★言語: 英語・日本語の好きなほう、または約半分ずつ ★備考: 1. 英語または日本語が流暢である必要はありません。自分の意見を述べることが出来ればOKです。(ex.英検3級程度以上?) 2. このイベントを通して知り合った人へ、宗教やビジネスの勧誘はしないで下さい。 3. 参加者の席数が限られています。スケジュール的に心配な方は、お気軽に教えてください。 4. 急に来れなくなったり、遅れる場合は、ご連絡をお願いします。 5. 非日本語ネイティブの方へ。このイベントは、日本語スピーチの練習を日本人と一緒にできる良い機会ですよ! ★★参加お待ちしております★★ Hello, there! Don't you hesitate to speak in from to people such as a meeting? Haven't you wished you would have spoken better? Why don't we practice together for such cases which may happen on you in sudden? <Event Detail> ★Schedule: Monday/Public Holiday. 15th July. 2019 <13:10-14:40 (about 1.5 hours)> ★Place: Kitchen Karin (only about 10-minute walk from Kyobashi station) ★Participation fee: 500yen. (No drink/food order is required. You can bring what you want.) ★Access: Please refer to the following URL. https://www.meetup.com/ja-JP/Lets-practice-Public-Speaking-in-Osaka/photos/28235172/#[masked] (Fell free to contat me if you can't find it.) ★Programs (tentative) : 1. Ice-breaking (Self-introduction or small talk) 2. Today's goal 3. Instant short speech & Feedback in your second language (English or Japanese) ★Belongings: "the mind to respect others" ONLY ★Language: English or Japanese (whichever you want to practice, or about 50% each) ★note: 1. The expected language level is intermediate(or higher). [You don't need to be fluent. Please try to express your idea in the language you practice.] 2. DO NOT invite other participants to your own business or your religion. 3. The number of participants for this event on is limited. If you are not sure about your schedule, please feel free to contact me. 4. If you get unable to attend or late to arrive in sudden, please let me know so that the event can start smoothly. 5. For non-native Japanese speakers, this event is a really nice chance for you to practice Japanese speech with Japanese people. ★★ I hope to see you there from the bottom of heart!★★

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