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Multi-genre bending published author, Bryan Caron, is looking to meet local authors and readers to publish a Whimsillusion™ work which is an amalgamation of various genres of science fiction, fantasy, and meta-fiction that makes a work of art (or combination of works) near impossible to categorize in a genre-conforming box. Fellow writers (or would-be writers) will be required to incorporate Caron's previous works while adding local or societal touches that will expand the appeal of this project. We've even toyed around with what if's like: In "The Spirit of..." one of the Kardashian sisters were in the class with Kaleena and chimed in to give their take on the importance of relativity? What could that add to the piece...or take away from it? What if Sean Connery's character in the Indiana Jones franchise appeared to Matthew in a vision while he was contemplating going to the festival with Henry? What would the senior Jones admonish or warn Matthew of? Or, what if Tracey in Jaxxa Rakala: The Search had her own sensei that injected its narrative each time there was an exchange between her dad, Dr. Brody, or her sister, Jacquline? The places you can take it are endless. These are simply a few examples to spark your inner creative genius.

In order to be considered for publishing credits, rights, and royalties, you must have proof of purchase of Caron's published works, recognizing that this does not guarantee that your submitted piece will fit the current project. However, you can submit as many chapters as you like. Additionally, your submissions may be utilized in an upcoming project better suited for your piece. We welcome and encourage Sci-Fi/fantasy fans and readers to join to assist with determining, after having read Caron's works, which submitted chapters seem most in line with the Whimsillusion™ project.

Our first event will be a meet and greet and Meetup members book signing at a local eatery. We will also discuss with the Author what he envisions as far as timelines and deliverables. You'll also have a Q&A time to help fill in the blanks and receive input that can be considered a Brain Trust of ideas, encouragement, and validation.
Upon joining you will receive subsequent book purchase links and info regarding guidelines for consideration of book publication, participation, royalties, etc. You will also receive confirmation of your reservation for our upcoming launch event on August 10th.

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