What we're about

Singapore is known for a lot of things - Advanced Tech, Cleanliness, Safety, etc
But being adventurous? Producing world-class athletes? Not really, eh?

We have a dream. We want to put Singapore on the map of mountaineering by putting mountaineering increasingly on the map of Singapore (and our daily lifestyle).

We want to show the world that contrary to popular belief, Singapore does love the Mountains (even though we may have none of our own, sorry Bukit Timah hill!). And Singapore does have what it takes to be known as a major force in the world of mountaineering.

If you want to share our dream, want to put in the hard work to embark on adventures that few in the world take (and scarcely any from Singapore), then we want to hear from you!

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Information Session for Aconcagua Expedition

The Interlace Condo

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