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Exclusive socialising professional singles is for people over the age of 30 who wants to meet new friends and take part in different intimate social events including meeting up for meals, going for walks, day trips or even weekends away.

We meet to enjoy drinks night, dinner parties, dance nights, talk and games and get to know each other. Building a network of professional and single friends.

I've attended many meet-up events but found it really difficult to make any meaningful connection. This is because it is really hard to get to know people in a noisy impersonal environment. Hands up anyone who can have a proper conversation in a noisy crowd with loud music? Not I and not many people. It all feels so impersonal.

It is definitely easier to talk and have a meaningful conversation when the ambience is refined, civilised, calm and intimate.

So I've decided to use a model that works for me (and you too). Lets meet up and get to know each other in an environment that is more personal. Im hosting my intimate , personal single dinner parties and events at home. Just like "come dine with me". So what I really love about my group is that our events will be more exclusive and personal with just enough guests to give you an opportunity to really get to know another person better.

Maybe you may even meet someone special.....

My goal as the hostess is to ensure you are provided with good snacks and food and that we have the best time together :)

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