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Are you a native speaker of Arabic who does not have an opportunity to speak it in day to day life? Have you wished to have a couple of hours sometimes when you can speak only Arabic?

Have you always wanted to learn Arabic, but kept postponing it until “later”, which never came? Do you feel you need some outside motivation and encouragement to make that important first step toward your goal – to just start learning it?

Have you been studying Arabic for a while, but felt you needed people to practice it with, and could not find such people?

Have you studied Arabic in the past, but feel you are forgetting it for lack of practice?

Do you have family members who speak Arabic and wish you could talk to them in their native tongue?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, this group is for you.

I (this group organizer) am just starting a journey to mastering Arabic. I thought that on this challenging road, I’d rather travel in company than alone, so I created this group. I’ll be especially grateful to the native speakers willing to join this group. This is my vision: natives and advanced learners just have a casual, relaxed conversation in Arabic on any subject. Of course, the beginners like myself will not understand a word at first – but that’s OK. That’s the way we learn, by allowing our subconscious to absorb the language.

Whether you are a native speaker, a complete beginner, or somewhere in between, you are welcome to this group.

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