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Arabic Picnic in Vista Hermosa Park

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Salaam people!

Our picnic in October last year was such a great success - let's do it again! Let us get together, bring some snacks and beverages (non-alcoholic, please) to share, practice Arabic and have fun!

We'll be meeting in the beautiful Vista Hermosa Park near Downtown LA. Vista Hermosa Park is a little know gem right in the heart of Los Angeles. You can find reviews of the park and directions here:, or you can google and find out more about this park and see photos.

You'll find me near the waterfall area (this little map of the park will help you find the waterfall). If you are new to the group, you'll recognize me by my picture (and I'll make sure I look like my picture! This means, I'll postpone dying my hair purple for the time being... )

Other than some food to share, I recommend you bring a pen and a notebook. I'll try to come earlier and make sure we have a picnic table for the group. Last time, all tables were taken, but we can have better luck this time. If you happen to have a folding chair, or a blanket to sit on, please bring it just in case.

Important: I do not have a smart phone (by choice - I feel happier and freer this way), which means I do not carry internet with me. So, if you need help with directions, are running late or just have a last minute question about the meeting - please call me, do not e-mail/post comments to the group. My phone is (626) 390-5676.

The picnic will be canceled in case of really bad weather (I mean - really, really bad weather, like heavy rain, not slight overcast or a bit chilly or a bit windy. I recommend you bring a sweater - if we stay late enough, it will become chilly).

I'm looking forward to seeing you there!