Let's talk about ... anxiety

Let's talk about ... (Free meetup)
Let's talk about ... (Free meetup)
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Paludan Bog & Café

Fiolstræde 10 · København

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(large tables behind the counter)

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What is anxiety? Why do we become anxious? How do different people experience it? How can we deal with anxiety?

Anxiety is something that many people struggle with, very often alone. If you want to learn more about anxiety, or share your experience around it and maybe how you learnt to deal with it, join us for this meeting. And it doesn’t cost you anything: it’s free!

The meeting is led by myself, Michael. I’m an experienced psychotherapist and coach in Copenhagen who has worked in different settings and countries. The meeting takes place at the Paludan Bog & Café in central Copenhagen (large tables behind the counter) and is held in English. Please arrive a few minutes before to buy a drink so we can start on time.

Please update your attendance status accordingly as places are limited.

The meeting lasts 2 hours during which we will learn more about the topic and about ourselves in relation to it. We then have time to share our experiences in the group. You can always choose whether or not to speak, and how much to disclose about yourself.

Some group rules:
• Come with an open mind and heart.
• Always listen respectfully and don’t judge others’ experience.
• We are meeting to share our own experiences not to lecture each other.
• After the meeting, feel free to talk about your experience but not about other people.

If you find the meeting beneficial, share it with others so they can benefit too! Every meeting will be on a different topic, and you are welcome to suggest subjects that interest you. Please check the group description for more information about it.

Talking about wellbeing can stir up difficult emotions or memories. Please remember this isn’t a therapy group but a group to share experiences and learn from each other. If the meeting stirs up difficult emotions in you, speak to someone close to you or seek professional support.