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We wrote about 200 songs With a friend who is a good musician. He is in France now so we can't see each other or work together anymore. We sold approximately 5 million records together as singer songwriters and record producers. I miss it. I would like to get back into it. I need at least one good keyboard talented but also flexible, not too young not too old. A guitarist will also be helpful As well as a small demo studio with electronic drums. I want to write songs again. I have proof of what I say. Call me.
772-618-0886- michael.haubrich1@gmail.com.




• Record producer Song writer/Singer (Five million records sold in 27 countries with 7 No 1 hits worldwide.

• Artistic A & R Director (singing lessons, rehearsals for shows, A & R of various artists in recording studios, mixing records, work on songs and songwriters to make their finished, polished products.

• Author/ Composer: compositions and recordings of about 200 songs in French and English that have been recorded on LP and singles, including seven No. 1 in Europe, Middle East, Africa and Brazil.

• Producer / Creator / Designer of Advertising Spots in France and the United States; Seller of commercials for French Radios as well as to American radios in Florida, USA.

• Actor / Singer / Voice-overs: Singing, dancing and comedy in the world famous French “Comedy Francaise” Played sang and danced in "Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme" by Molière production of Jean Louis Barault, orchestrated by Michel Colombier, alongside Jacques Charon, Robert Hirsh, Isabelle Adjiani, Francis Perin etc..

• Representative works and adaptations: Singing in the French version of the film "Jesus Christ Super Star” Voice-overs for many commercials and documentaries as well as back-up singer behind most French Artists in recording studios or on stage.

• Translations FR / EN: Translations of one title from the Bee-Gees and the Beatles catalogs for the famous French publishing company “Les Editions Tournier” in Paris, France.

• Back Ground Voices: "The Belafonte Folk Singers" Toured the US and Canada and Puerto Rico for 3 years.

• Stage Manager / Moderator and signer in Hootnannies in the 60s: Played in all the coffee shop theaters in Greenwich Village, New York with Bob Dylan, Jose Feliciano, Joan Baez, The Mamas & The Papas, Bill Cosby, Richie Havens, John Sebastian, The Big Three and many others who made their first steps on the scene in the village at that time.

• Master Of Ceremony: At the "Blue Angel" in New York, for Barbara Streisand’s first gig and for 6 months

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