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This is a group for anyone who is interested in growing their level of consciousness, healing their own mental programming and as a result healing the world.

I will offer opportunities to come together with like-minded people to meditate together and as a result of our own increased sense of wellbeing, we can send healing into the world. Group meditation accelerates our access to the benefits of meditating increasing our happiness, health, and wealth but there is more..... Back in 1978, a group of 7,000 people meditated for three weeks. Statistical analysis was taken, ensuring to account for extraneous effects and seasonal influences showing that that group meditation accounted for a global average of 16 percent fall in violence, casualties, and crime rates during that time. About 50 other rigorous scientific studies into this phenomenon confirm that group meditation directly lowers crime rates, and even improves the economic well-being of entire cities. At each of these sessions, I will lead a guided meditation, we will find wellbeing for ourselves and send healing out to the world. I will start with one or two online meetings and then we can plan the best time for the meetups once there is a group who are interested in taking part

I will also offer training sessions in the Isha Judd System - a method for inner transformation and increased consciousness which leads to an experience of inner peace, joy, and love. Continued practice of the system transforms our perspective to that of a confident creator flowing and thriving with life and eliminates our perception of ourselves as a victim to external forces.

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