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This meetup is to promote Life-Long Learning and will provide its members with opportunities for hands-on experience, high-demand tech skills, and networking opportunities to advance their personal and professional goals.

Level Bootcamp focuses on skills for the workforce, not the classroom. Learn data for business by completing case studies and real projects with tools like SQL, R, and Tableau. Learn how to become an IoT thinker and incorporate digitizing the physical world and machine learning to create an IoT solution.

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The Basics of Blockchain



What is blockchain? How do businesses use blockchain technology in their day-to-day operations? Even better, how can you use blockchain technology in your business or career? Blockchain industry insider and practitioner David Fragale pulls back the curtain on the growing security tech that's still an enigma to tech and non-tech professionals alike. Whether you work in tech, or you follow tech trends as a hobby, or you just want a better understanding about what blockchain is as an informed consumer, this event will cover the basic fundamentals of blockchain and observations on the market in blockchain use. About the speaker: David Fragale David is COO of Commonwealth Crypto, a blockchain company based in Boston, MA. Prior to his current role, David was co-founder and chief product officer of Atonomi, a blockchain-based security protocol enabling trusted interoperability for billions of IoT devices in Seattle, WA. In 2014, David was appointed as an MIT Sloan Fellow in Innovation and Global Leadership, where he focused on innovation and emerging technology trends like fintech, cryptocurrencies, and blockchain through collaboration with MIT professors and fellows from more than 35 different countries around the world. He previously advised the U.S. Treasury's TARP program during the height of the financial crisis, published numerous white papers and articles, and has spoken at conferences and events on blockchain technology and his experiences.

Intro to SQL for Business - Seattle

Northeastern University


As the home of tech behemouth Amazon, Seattle has become a hub for innovation driven by data. At its core, Amazon uses SQL and relational databases to power the product recommendations you see every time you fill up your cart. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. Organizations in leading industries across Seattle are hungry for data analysts and people who can use SQL to retrieve, manipulate, and connect information stored in databases to pull off the same behind-the-scenes "magic" that drives insight and success for Amazon. In our one-day workshop, you'll learn the fundamentals of SQL, one of the most widely sought-after skillsets in the Seattle job market, and how to leverage the tool to advance your career. You will: Use MySQL to answer business questions Learn how relational databases––like the ones Amazon uses to recommend items similar to your purchases––are designed and implemented Work hands-on with MySQL to query and access data There are no prerequisites, but we recommend you come with a basic understanding of Excel, stats, and/or charts. Please be sure to bring your laptop. SQL downloads will be sent to participants prior to the workshop.

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Intro to SQL for Business - San Francisco

600 California St


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