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Anyone can join who is interested in unusual topics.The Meetups will be at 113 N Main in Lexington at Anomalists Books and Brews.A speaker and snacks will generally be available for a small fee.

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Anomalist's Books and Brews

Free event to Discuss Aliens and UFO'S

March 2020 Paranormal Discussion

Anomalist's Books and Brews

Free event to discuss paranormal related topics.

Taking the Mystery Out of Hypnotic Regression

Anomalist's Books and Brews

For the second session, Carrie Hendrix will speak regarding hypnotherapy and will do a GROUP PAST LIFE REGRESSION. This should be a pretty cool experience for the participants. Don't miss, A Glimpse Into the Past: Taking the mystery out of hypnosis and a group past life regression session. TICKETS WILL BE TEN DOLLARS PER PERSON

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February 2020 Bigfoot and Cryptid Discussion

Anomalist's Books and Brews

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