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Do you love to talk politics? Liberal politics? We welcome like-minded women with a liberal philosophy who enjoy keeping up to date on current issues, discussing the world today, and keeping a check on our government. You don't have to be a bra-burning female, but we are looking for those women who did or wanted to do so. Most of us are women "of a certain age" who remember the fights and struggles such as Roe v. Wade. We think there is nothing quite so fun and stimulating as a good, liberal, political discussion. We plan to do all the usual social activities and maybe even get involved in some causes along the way. NOTE: This is not a debate club. We are only seeking liberal women. We are not looking for a fight, and we don't want members upset because we talk politics. That's what we do ... talk politics! If that describes you, come join the fun.

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Almost there! VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!!!

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Update: Our new member, Heather Ryan, would like to speak about being involved in political activities on Thursday. Be sure to welcome her! Hi ladies! Some folks wanted a Zoom meeting between now and Election Day, so here you go--with the date and time as requested. I'll be at the polls, but I know y'all will enjoy yourselves--see you soon!

👹It's time for the nail biting! 👍

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We've made it this far--let's chat about the coming BLUE TSUNAMI!!! The votes won't all be in and races can't be called yet, but we can send useful thoughts and prayers to the universe to make it happen!

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🌞 Happy Hour: VPs Do It Better! 🥂

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