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Liberate Wed, Jul 25 | Heal Thu, Jul 26 | Create Fri, Jul 27 at 5:30 pm MT (-6 UTC) ● register for in person & via livestream http://www.thefourcups.com ● $20 event ● $45 3-part series ●

LIBERATE | http://bit.ly/2LB4724
Wednesday, July 25, 5:30 pm MT (-6 UTC), Fort Collins, Colorado

Set your mind free. Discover little known and POWERFUL ancient meditation techniques for RELEASING stuck and repetitive thoughts. Free yourself from mental stress and anxiety.

HEAL | http://bit.ly/2mxblJJ
Thursday, July 26, 5:30 pm MT (-6 UTC), Fort Collins, Colorado

Cultivate a fearless heart with ancient wisdom. Learn a meditative practice to grow your capacity to meet difficulties and hardships with STRENGTH and CHARACTER.

CREATE | http://bit.ly/2uGuf58
Friday, July 27, 5:30 pm MT (-6 UTC), Fort Collins, Colorado

Push the boundaries of perceived limits — and move imagination into action. Learn visualization with meditation to amplify your TRUE POTENTIAL.


In just 30-minutes . . .

Learn POWERFUL meditation techniques straight from the mountaintops of Tibet — that will benefit practitioners of all levels. ENGAGE in a personal conversation on ways to nourish your HEART & transform your MIND with our captivating thought leader, Tibetan Buddhist Scholar, Khenpo Samdup.

And discover the opportunity to CONNECT with like minded people in the local and global COMMUNITY. Deepen your awareness and magnify your IMPACT in the world and with each other.

When you invest in your growth, you are changing the life of a child in need. Every event you participate in will allow us to educate a child in a remote village who would otherwise have little to no access.

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Liberate. Heal. Create. — CREATE

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Liberate. Heal. Create. — HEAL

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Liberate. Heal. Create. — LIBERATE

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Liberate. Heal. Create. 3-part Series

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