What we're about

We are a User Group-- practicing, exploring, and learning how we can use the open-source (and free) 37 group communication/facilitation methods called Liberating Structures (http://www.liberatingstructures.com/). We use a theme each month as the container to support our practicing and playing with the structures, which can be combined and used in infinite ways to radically improve how people interact and work together. And you don't need to have any prior experience to join us here!

Is this the right group for you?

• Are you a coach, facilitator, manager, team member, on a board, or working with two or more people?

• Are you constantly annoyed with long, frustrating meetings that end without a concrete result?

• Are you frustrated by presentations or brainstorming that allows for only the loudest voices to be heard?

• Want to get the most out of your time together with other colleagues and employees?

• Do you think that teams produce significantly better results when people can work together well?

• If you can answer “Yes!” to any of these questions then you might like our User Group!

***You do NOT have to have any prior experience to join us here!***

What are the details? What do we do in the meet-up?

The design team of each LSLab is made up of users who use the evening to develop, learn, try out and share practical experience. They agree on a theme they want to explore or work on using Liberating Structures - 33+ simple methods that revolutionize your meetings and can lead to amazing discoveries.

Each meetup is a 120-minute session that includes three parts:

• networking and sharing among members

• getting & giving help

• learning take-aways / action planning

As a participant you are part of the experiment for the evening - you do not need any experience in Liberating Structures. It is possible that something doesn't work out as expected, this is part of our common learning space. It is your responsibility to get answers to questions you may have about Liberating Structures - and to contribute to the fun;-).

We want to inspire as many people as possible to use Liberating Structures in their daily encounters with others. Join us to experience and practice, to connect with other practritioners and together evolve the practice.

Liberating Structures are open-source and free to use. The LSLab is a fun and safe place to practice and connect with other practioners. For background information see: http://www.liberatingstructures.com (http://www.liberatingstructures.com/)


If you are looking for a focused introduction into Liberating Structures, we recommend to take part in a Liberating Structures Immersion. The next one will take place on 19/20 March 2020, when LS pioneers Anna Jackson and Fisher Qua will stop by on their European tour. More: http://www.bit.ly/LSberlin2020

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