What we're about

Liberating Structures http://www.liberatingstructures.com/ are a powerful set of facilitation techniques that unleash and involve the intelligence, wisdom and creativity of groups.

The purpose of the group is to grow a community of people that use Liberating Structures by providing them with a place for experimentation, personal connection and giving and getting help.


Conventional structures for meetings and communication are either holding everyone back (presentations, status reports and managed discussions) or are too loose and disorganized (open discussions and brainstorms) to creatively engage people. They frequently generate feelings of frustration and/or exclusion and fail to provide space for good ideas to emerge and develop. This means that huge amounts of time and money are spent working the wrong way.

For whom?

• People who work with groups and would like to explore how to better engage their creativity and wisdom (like teachers, team coaches, scrum masters, change agents, agile coaches, agile and lean practitioners, managers, project managers)

• Professional facilitators

• People who are curious about Liberating Structures

• Organizations that are willing to host our meetups and offer challenges or cases to explore

Upcoming events (1)

People and interactions and Liberating Structures

This is the monthly Meetup of the Liberating Structures User Group of Wrocław. This meetup is intended as a (safe) playground for Liberating Structures. It is an excellent opportunity to experience and learn how to use Liberating Structures on your own, to facilitate them and to give and get help. If you'd like to host a meetup, if you have a theme you'd like to address or if you'd like to provide a location, let us know!

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