The Road to Liberland

Hosted by Libertarian Home Meetups

Public group


This is an informal drinks event to discuss Libertarian theories, recent news and events in general, the state of libertarianism in the various parties and in the culture.

President Vít Jedlička will give an update on Liberland and his hopes to launch the nation in the real world. Vít booked his flight from Prague on a budget carrier the day I asked him to confirm, which was a very busy day for him personally. As a thank you I suggest we collectively top up his projects' funds using the donation details on (

The formal session runs from 7:30 to 8:30pm.

Food can be taken in the room during the first hour, but please avoid using metal cutlery while filming is in progress. Spending on food does help us meet the minimum spend terms on the room and is encouraged!

Babies have been welcomed although the environment is not tailored for them in any way and may not be entirely safe. No vetting of adults takes place. Children must be gone by 9pm, because the pub management says so, and other punters do drink downstairs and we cannot predict their behavior.