Benevolent Laissez Faire - Welfare without Taxes

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A large and pro-active state that provides safety and certainty is attractive to many, who believe any problems can be managed by electing a better leader next time. For others, this idea is simply mistaken - this conference tells their side of the story.

We expect tax to make life better. To make sure our education system raises all our children properly. Our doctors keep an eye on our lifestyles. Our councils look after our daily needs. Our regulators decide how the economy and our businesses are to be made fair and decent. Our benefits offices give the unfortunate comfortable independence. Our armies insist our values are followed in every part of the world. Our taxes will pay for everything – if only the rich can be squeezed hard enough.

This bubble-wrapped utopia is forced upon you even now. Does it and can it work in practice? Is it even what you want? What if you want to teach your children differently? Enjoy something even if it is bad for you? Buy your first house? Make a profitable investment and put your own family first? Stay out of international conflicts? How well do your refuse collections work? Do you have money to live as you wish after the utopianists have taken their share?

How might those that crave comfort and certainty, for themselves and for others, accept that it is OK to leave people alone to enjoy (or be at the mercy of) a laissez-faire political and economic system?

This conference will present the ethical reasons to accept such a settlement and the institutional and technological alternatives to a tax and spend society.

This afternoon event consists of six sessions:

• Poverty Solutions Without Politics Syed Kamall MEP

• DIY Governance - Janina Lowisz, BitNation and Julio Alejandro, Humanitarian Blockchain

• Historical Precedents for Laissez Faire Welfare - Dr Anton Howes, KCL

• Capitalism and Inequality [Keynote] - Yaron Brook, President and Executive Director, Ayn Rand Institute

• Book Signing with Yaron Brook

• Panel Discussion: Principled Incremental Transition - How do we get there from here?

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