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Join our sociable group of conversationalists. We gather monthly to discuss complex topics in a friendly, non-confrontational manner over coffee. We actively discuss all sides of issues in a balanced manner, and have a good time doing so. Typically 20+ attend the monthly meetings. Our conversationalists belong to various MEETUPs including "Socialize over Coffeshop Conversation,” “Table Talk Dining,” as well as friends and neighbors. Feel free to stop in anytime during one of our monthly meetings.

Also, please visit our DINING CONVERSATION MEETUP: “Table Talk Dining” in 60047, where we meet and socialize over dinner! Mike

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Corruption in America

HANSA Coffee

A recent University survey indicated that Americans greatest fear is Government Corruption. https://blogs.chapman.edu/wilkinson/2018/10/16/americas-top-fears-2018/ Illinois easily qualifies as one of the “Top Ten” most corrupt states. Unfortunately, Americans also doubt their business, religious, and judicial leaders (see links). Certainly the fraud conviction of the fabulously successful Televangelist Jimmy Bakker, ENRON, Fannie Mae, Bernie Madhoff, etc. suggest that corruption may be a fact of life. In addition, we are also constantly bombarded with suspicious phone calls and emails. https://reportscam.com/worst-scams-adw?gclid=CjwKCAjwycfkBRAFEiwAnLX5IZQnfXqOPaEkBG1LAj_dCKPI7LhbXPb75-FrHGglaplX9ijJsNCjQxoCEOkQAvD_BwE How bad is it? Are we all “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels,” as in the hilarious Steve Martin movie, or do we simply have an Angel on one shoulder and a Devil on the other? (see additional photos) Share your thoughts! Mike

The GREEN BASIL Thai in Vernon Hills

Green Basil Thai Restaurant

TABLE TALK DINING - Wednesday, May 8th at 6:45 pm. - Our April Dinner was great fun (see photos)! Join us at one of our Long Standing Favorites, The Green Basil in Vernon Hills! “The Green Basil is an elegant yet affordable Thai dining experience featuring recipes handed down through the generations. It is a balance of tasteful upscale white tablecloth dining in a comfortable setting.” http://greenbasilkitchen.com/#Home Please RSVP and join MEETUP: “Table Talk Dining” in 60047 so I can reserve a big enough table. “SANUK!”

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