• Switching your career in(to) IT #2


    This is the second Meetup in the series of Career Switchers, focused on both switching to an IT career when you come from another path and/or boosting your existing IT career with new languages and best practices. Our friends from Spiced are visiting and will organize a small icebreaker at the beginning of the meetup. After that, one of our colleagues will share her experiences as a career changer. The second talk will make light about the different roles in an IT company and the meaning behind some buzzwords which are commonly used. The third talk will be a general introduction to the concepts behind Object Oriented Programming and a few examples on how to implement them in TypeScript. The agenda: 18:30 - 19:00: Opening with food and drinks 19:00 - 19:20: Shilpa - Icebreaker by Spiced 19:20 - 19:50: Antonia - A story from a career switcher 19:50 - 20:10: Andreas - Explaining basic buzzwords 20:10 - 20:40: Michele - Object Oriented Programming with TypeScript 20:40 - 21:30: Networking and socialising The speakers: Antonia is working as a Scrum Master in Takeaway.com. Having studied Informatics and Computer Engineering, she has worked in a number of different positions throughout her career: Multimedia programmer, Project Manager, Frontend Developer, Quality Assurance Engineer and now Scrum Master. While Antonia is building on her career, she is also a proud mother of two amazing girls. Tonight she will share her story, why she moved between jobs and more importantly: How? Michele and Andreas are the initiators of the Career Switchers Meetups. Their wish is to create a space where people who are interested in moving into IT can learn and network with others. Andreas has been living in Berlin for 15 years. During and after his studies (Computer Science), Andreas worked for a startup as a software developer and trainer for IT professions. In 2018 he joined the Lieferando.de logistics team as a backend developer. He enjoys working with Domain Driven Design, Integration Patterns and Devops. Michele graduated in Physics in Florence in 2011, and moved to Berlin after working as a software developer in Italy for a few years. He joined a rising startup in 2016, and started working as a Javascript developer at Lieferando.de’s logistics team in August 2018. In the next meetups we will introduce Version Control (git), explaining why it is fundamental when writing software. We will give an introduction to some key concepts on software architecture, namely Domain Driver Design. We look forward to meeting you!

  • "Reactive DDD, Transforming Digital Business" by Vaughn Vernon

    We’re proud to host: https://www.meetup.com/Reactive-DDD/events/259289760/ (join the waitlist, we will provide more spots soon) --- In cooperation with https://www.idddworkshop.com/ (@IDDDWorkshop) Book the Berlin IDDD Workshop April 3rd–5th, 2019 (https://t.co/1P5sjqfFa8) & In cooperation with https://www.meetup.com/Domain-Driven-Design-Berlin/ --- ✨Talk ✨ Developers around the world are moving to rapidly adopt Domain-Driven Design (DDD), and in greater numbers than ever before. That's because DDD delivers powerful results in practice. At the same time, Reactive software development is becoming essential to implementing responsive, resilient, elastic, and message-driven solutions, including event streams of fast data. This world of distribution, concurrency, latency, and the uncertainty of time-critical results, must be tackled along with the complex business challenges. This talk gives practical guidance on using DDD to model business-driven solutions that result in software that is fluent, type-safe, and with core Reactive properties. Specific attention is given to moving legacy systems that have deep debt to ones that have clear boundaries, deliver explicit and fluent business models, and exploit modern hardware and software architectures. ✨Speaker ✨ Vaughn Vernon is the founder and chief architect of the vlingo/platform for Java and .NET, a leading expert in Domain-Driven Design, and a champion of simplicity and reactive software. Twitter: @VaughnVernon and @vlingo_io --- 18:00 Doors open & socializing with food and drinks 18:30 Talk starts Afterwards: Socializing & Networking

  • Switching your career in(to) IT #1


    This meetup will open our series focused on both switching to an IT career when you come from another path and/or boosting your existing IT career with new languages and best practices. The subject for this Meetup will be: How we changed our careers and a possible new path with TypeScript We will have living examples of people who succeeded and are on the way of changing their path. Then we will give an introduction to the history and development of JavaScript and finally introduce TypeScript, showing how it improves the development experience in both Back- and Frontend. The agenda: 18:30 - 18:55: Opening with food and drinks 18:55 - 19:00: Michele & Andreas - Introduction to the Series 19:00 - 20:00: Evelyn & Lina - Two stories from career switchers 20:00 - 20:30: Michele - From JavaScript to TypeScript 20:30 - 21:30: Networking and socialising The speakers: Evelyn started with Japanese Studies and ended up as a quality assurance expert in a software company, holding an MBA. She already worked as a working student in software companies and discovered her interest in development during this time. She fell in love with the open culture and the people working in software development. After two years of being a QA it's time to change and follow the passion of development and meeting new open minded people. Lina is a Software Engineer @Babbel. After years of having searched for the right career path, she decided to take a chance and jump into software development. In the beginning of 2018, she graduated from a boot camp, took part at Babbel Neos program and since then has been working as a Software Engineer in one of the most exciting tech companies in Berlin. At the meet up, she will talk about her professional journey, share her struggles and tips on how to overcome them as a newbie in the tech world. Michele is a Senior Software Engineer at Lieferando. After graduating in Florence and the first working years in Italy, in 2016 he moved to Berlin to join a rising startup. In August 2018 he joined Takeaway.com to work in the logistics team and help the Company to become the biggest food delivery service in Germany and Europe. He will give a talk about the history of JavaScript and introduce TypeScript, a new language which adds new features to JavaScript and it's therefore recommended to be used in big scale applications. In the next meetups we will introduce and explain best practices and use cases of fundamental concepts such as version control (git), design patterns and software architecture. We look forward to meeting you!

  • Swift Co-Learning SDN x Lieferando.de


    REGISTRATION ON EVENT BRITE: https://www.eventbrite.de/e/swift-co-learning-sdn-x-lieferandode-13-tickets-52838612713?aff=ebdshpsearchautocomplete#tickets ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- YES!! It is happening! Swift Dev Ninjas and Lieferando.de are teaming up to provide you an evening full of sharing and connecting! Agenda: 18:30 - 19:00 Open doors 19:00 - 19:05 Introduction Meetup 19:05 - 19:10 Introduction Lieferando.de 19:10 - 19:25 Presentation by Lieferando.de dev 19:25 - 20:00 Presentation one of the SDN members 20:00 - 20:20 Networking break with food and drinks 20:20 - 20:30 Kahoot challenge 20:30 - 22:00 Co-Learning, Co-Teaching, Co-Working

  • Domain Driven Design Meetup #1


    On this night, we will share our journey into DDD. Are you interested in hearing how we applied Domain Driven Design in our applications? Then join us on the 4th of October where two of our team members will share their experiences. There will be enough time for networking and discussions in between the talks. Please see agenda: 18:30 - 19:00 Opening, drinks and discussion 19:00 - 19:35 Andrii Iaroshuk - Hexagonal Architecture 19:35 - 20:00 Food and discussion 20:00 - 20:35 Diyan Yordanov - Domain Events: The Core of our Microservice Architecture 20:35 - 21:30 Networking and discussion For more on our speakers and their topics, please see below: Andrii Iaroshuk - Hexagonal Architecture: How to let Domain drive your Design In this talk Andrii will give an overview of how Hexagonal Architecture can help you to practice DDD, by abstracting from frameworks and separating Domain from Infrastructure. Diyan Yordanov - Domain Events - The Core of our Microservice Architecture Diyan will tell the story of how the Logistics team at Takeaway embraced the idea of Event Driven Architecture. In his talk he will be discussing techniques like emitting events from legacy systems, event sourcing and CQRS. Also he will explain how the team approached the legacy monolithic application and how they are building Microservices around it. RSVP if you are curious about how it all comes together.

  • HackJam Workshop - Intro to Vue.js


    PLEASE REGISTER @ https://hackages.io/events/hackages/-LEARWR5mTQQG_t2Rtwn/hackjam-workshop-intro-to-vue-js During this free and fun HackJam workshop, you’ll learn about the very basics of Vue such as state, props, components, lifecycle hooks,…Understand how to use @vue/cli to bootstrap your Vue applications and discover the ecosystem of this progressive JavaScript framework. You'll learn a lot with the hands-on approach of this HackJam: we'll give you a broken application which you will have to fix, using Vue technology. At the end of the evening you should be able to: Write your very own Vue components Manage the state of your application Use the right lifecycle hooks for the right job Start of the evening is at 18h30, end will be around 21h30-22h00. Harver offers us a nice space to code, as well as yummy food & drinks to keep you going! Some requirements: Having a good command in programming. Having notions of JavaScript or Node is recommended. Bring your own laptop and have Git & @vue/cli installed on it.

  • Digital Strategy, Marketing & Growth Meetup Collaboration

    Digital Strategy, Marketing & Growth Meetup Berlin (in english) 1. Linkbuilding 2017 - Latest Challenges, Trends and Basic Know-How about Offpage Optimisation & 2. Landing pages that convert - Basics to take care of. As all spots always are limited and we want to be sure the right people with real interest are coming we added a small fee for everyone who is now signing up. Participants enjoy a lot the meetups, newest information, new positions, exchange ideas, networking and asked how they can give in return. Therefore we created a Appreciation Ticket on Eventbrite (https://www.eventbrite.com/e/digital-strategy-marketing-growth-meetup-berlin-at-lieferando-tickets-34923668633). Lets make continuously this non-profit Digital Strategy, Marketing & Growth Meetups greater together. Book the appreciation ticket here on Eventbrite (https://www.eventbrite.com/e/digital-strategy-marketing-growth-meetup-berlin-at-lieferando-tickets-34923668633). 19.00 -19.30: Arrivals & Networking 19.30 - 19.35: Introduction by Lieferando & Markus Lühmann, Founder & CEO of Galaxonic 19.35 - 19.45 Introduction to Lieferando.de/Takeaway.com marketing, challenges within an international company Janina Scarlet Fischer, Brand Manager DACH bei yd.yourdelivery GmbH (Lieferando) 19.45 - 20.15: Linkbuilding 2017 - Latest Challenges, Trends and Basic Know-How about Offpage Optimisation Andrea Claudia Delp, Online Marketing / SEO since more than 10 years. Andrea is a consultant, writer and trainer. She has been working for many large and mulitnational platforms such Conrad Electronic, t-online, Volkswagen and more. 20.15 - 20.20: Questions 20.20 - 20.40: Landing pages that convert - Basics to take care of. Philipp Girrger is a freelance digital project manager and product owner. His focus is on complex web experience projects. With a passion for compelling interaction design and technical robustness, he often deep dives into ux development, content creation or infrastructure setup. 20.40 - 20.45: Questions 20.45 - 21.30: Mingle & Networking

  • Lieferando HashiStack Series #1


    We love HashiCorp tools at Lieferando.de! We have various teams using one or more of Consul, Vault, Terraform, Nomad, Packer and Vagrant. Join us every month for our HashiStack series where we'll have Lieferando engineers as well as external speakers present their experiences and solutions using various HashiCorp tools. As we are Lieferando.de, you can expect some delicious Pizzas and fine beers. Agenda • 17:30 Meet & Greet • 18:30 Takeaway.com and the HashiStack • 19:00 Q&A • 19:15 Terraform project best practices • 19:45 Q&A • 20:00 Scheduling Heterogeneous Workloads using Nomad • 20:45 Q&A • 21:00 Closing statement • 21:10 - 23:00 Socializing, geeking out and more beers! • ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Takeaway.com and the HashiStack by Charles Akalugwu As this is the inaugural Hashistack meetup hosted by Takeaway.com/Lieferando.de it is only appropriate to begin the series with an introduction to the company and how various HashiCorp tools are currently being used in various parts of our software stack. Terraform project best practices by David Mariassy Terraform is a great new tool for managing infrastructure as code. We currently use it to provision our environments on AWS and love the fact that this tool will allow us to expand to hybrid deployments in the future whenever the need arises. There are however no standards or globally accepted best practices for Terraform project layout and deployment. This talk will outline some of our experiences as we embarked upon our journey with terraform as well as some patterns we have stuck with which works for us. Scheduling Heterogeneous Workloads using Nomad by Altay Aliyev and Charles Akalugwu In the container scheduling and management space, Kubernetes and Mesos are all everyone talks about these days. While Kubernetes and mesos are really good options, their setup could be a bit complex for most use cases. If you already use consul in your environment then Nomad is a very good workload scheduling tool as it provides seamless integration and bootstrap using consul, has no external dependencies for its operation (e.g. no separate zookeeper to manage as is the case with mesos) and really just works! We'll give an introduction to Nomad and go into the various building blocks for Nomad services including Jobs, Task Groups and Tasks. We'll also talk about the various workload drivers suppported by Nomad as well as various deployment patterns supported by Nomad (blue-green and canaries). About the speakers Charles is a founding member and Senior Software Engineer (Big Data) on the Data Infrastructure team at Takeaway.com where he works on the design, architecture and development of various cloud-based solutions for their data analytics platform. He is also responsible for organizing the "Lieferando Tech Events" group on meetup.com. In his free time he likes to spend time with his significant other, go for long walks (average 20 km) across berlin and keeping up-to-date with the latest tech trends and literature. David is a Data Warehouse Engineer on the Data Infrastructure team at Takeaway.com where he works on building scalable real-time data pipelines for the data analytics platform. He enjoys working with python and functional programming and loves to create general solutions to problems. He enjoys kicking back with a beer after work and is really into political Hacktivism. Altay is a Data Warehouse Engineer on the Data Infrastructure team at Takeaway.com where he works on scalable real-time data pipelines for the data analytics platform. He enjoys home-made Turkish cuisine, loves to tell great stories about his country - Azerbaijan and is a 3-time kickboxing champion of Russia.

  • PyLadies: Machine learning for the curious but scared

    Lieferando.de will host the next edition of the PyLadies meetup on January 10, 2017. Abstract Machine learning is a hot topic right now, that many people get excited about. It is also notoriously confusing to get into, unless you got started on this in uni already. Despite a background in computer science, it took me many false starts to get even a bit of a hold of this topic. In my talk I want to summarize the very basic ideas that often get left out of other „Introductions“ to the topic that I wish someone had told me a few years ago. I will cover what it actually means when a machine „learns“, a high level overview of „how“ machines learn, and some pointers to friendly resources that can get you started. Afterwards, we will do a tutorial in Python introducing you to Pandas (http://pandas.pydata.org/), Scikit-learn (http://scikit-learn.org/) and Tensorflow (https://www.tensorflow.org/) to investigate a classic small machine learning problem. Speaker Ellen König (https://twitter.com/ellen_koenig) works as a Senior Data Scientist at SoundCloud (http://soundcloud.de/). She has an academic background in Computer Science, and a largely self-taught background in statistics and ML. She also loves to learn to dance and all sorts of other organized and self-taught learning on a wide range of topics. The event is suitable for beginners. Bring your own laptop with Python, Pandas, Scikit-learn and Tensorflow installed. If you did not manage to install them, come to the event 10 minutes earlier to help you set it up :) Non women attendees are welcome, but might be asked to bring a female attendee with them if there will be many non female joining. Please keep your RSVP up to date!

  • Big Data Beers Meetup: Multi-model DBs, Data Challenge and Anomaly Detection

    Lieferando Tech Events will host the forthcoming Big Data Beers meeting on 28th September 2016 in our lovely office at Am Karlsbad[masked] Berlin. There are 3 wonderful and different talks planned: 1. Next Generation NoSQL: Multi Model Databases (Michael Hackstein) 2. SMS Digital Data Challenge (Wagner, Weimer-Hablitzel, Arnold) 3. What the heck is normal? (Christian Glatschke) TALK 1: Next Generation NoSQL: Multi Model Databases The recent progress in the database development has lead us a long and winding road: 1. Using relational for everything 2. NoSQL and polyglot persistence: Introducing a ton of different technologies to learn 3. Next wave: Multi Model databases and polyglot data In this talk we will see the pros and cons of each of these stations. We will also have a more in-depth introduction to Multi Model Databases and why they are a wonderful next step in database evolution. Finally we will talk about big data requirements and how they fit into this landscape of database technologies. How can we scale and run databases in production? We are using a whole cluster of machines, collecting and mining terabytes of data with ease with the help of Mesos and DC/OS. Speaker: Michael Hackstein holds a master degree in computer science and is the creator of the ArangoDB graph capabilities. During his academic career he focused on complex algorithms and especially graph databases. Michael is an internationally experienced speaker who loves salad, cake and clean code. TALK 2: SMS digital’s Data Challenge Data Science meets Steel Industry - an exciting match of heavy metal and high tech. SMS digital presents its first open data challenge. SMS digital is the digital laboratory of the SMS group, a worldwide leading steel plant manufacturer from Dusseldorf. Its mission is to test and develop digital business models with the help of state of the art technologies. Naturally, applied data science plays a major role in this initiative. Casting slabs of quality steel is a demanding process that is highly sensitive to changes in its production and environmental parameters. Hence predicting casting defects is essential to provide ongoing quality assurance and indication for adjustments of the production parameters. The potential for optimization and the implied business opportunity are huge. So far, the primary method for prediction and detection of slab surface defects have been stochastic procedures on continuous measurements. In the future however, SMS digital hopes to improve the predictive quality of the existing procedures by applying state-of-the-art data mining and analytics methods. This will be the objective of SMS digital’s data challenge that promises a 5-figures price money for the top contributors. At our meetup, SMS digital’s team will present this data science use case, explain the provided data sets, and answer all remaining question regarding the data challenge. Speaker: Maximilian Wagner, SMS digital, CEO Max combines extensive hands-on experience in the steel industry with an ever-curious, entrepreneurial mindset. As CEO of SMS digital he’s always looking for trends and technologies that might lead to the ‘next big thing’ in his industry and beyond. Marc Weimer-Hablitzel, etventure, Senior Manager Marc combines technical knowledge, creativity and business expertise. Having worked as a Data Mining Expert for several companies in the past, Marc knows the realities and raptures of data science. Now he is on a mission to revolutionize the steel industry and the B2B sector with etventure and SMS Digital. Friedrich Arnold etventure, Project Manager As mechanical engineer and serial entrepreneur, Friedrich is very excited about the endless opportunities of the B2B, industrial sector. He’s currently responsible for testing and scaling SMS digital’s new Data Lab. Talk 3: What the heck is normal? To analyse and understand data and certain circumstances and their organizing factors, we do need a constant supervision of certain influences. In physics or information technology this could be boundary values and the definition of a 'normal' range. But who defines what is normal? Not only in psychoanalysis, also in other sciences, it is a tough challenge to tell what kind of behavior is beyond the norm. We can answer these questions today for many applications using algorithms and machine learning. This talk will show insights, principles and tools for a succsessful anomaly detection & analytics. Speaker: Christian Glatschke 17 years IT experience, 8 years Big Data and Analytic (Splunk, Lucidworks und Anodot)